Ideas floating around
Fri Feb 1, 2019 21:36

While I'm still working on my current multi-part New Beginnings, I've been considering also writing some short one-shots, as it were.

I have multiple ideas for different situations (all of them, I'll warn you, attempt to be as based in realism as my current story attempts to be), but I was wondering if there were any kinks or taboos here that either appeal strongly to you or, on the flip-side, you don't care for.

I know it's a question personal in nature, and I won't even promise that it'd change my ideas (one of which is heavily BDSM influenced), but I still thought it good to know before I started writing something else.

Many thanks to any and all who jump in to answer, and if my post is inappropriate in any way, please let me know.

- GWhitefield15

    • My two cents - Anonymoose, Mon Feb 4 18:34
      If it has girls getting stripped and not boys, the naked chicks being no younger than 14-15 (ideally older) and doesn’t involve diapers, scat or totally flat chests, that would automatically put it... more
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