Snowboard Humiliation
Mon Feb 11, 2019 22:20

Snowboard Humiliation

Jennifer and Hailey are two of the hottest
women I know, nice tight ass’s and amazing
breast’s. We decided to head to the slopes for some snowboarding and both Hailey and Jennifer were very excited. They were not
very good so this was a perfect opportunity for me to really get physical with them. We arrived at the lifts and it was an incredibly slow day, we all rode the lift up to the top of the mountain to find it was empty, Hailey was having a hard time getting off the lift she was afraid to get off because she didn’t want to fall. Me and Jennifer both saying to her “ jump Hailey hurry”. She was about 5 feet in the air and jumped down right on top of me. Her face falling right next to mine as she lifted it her beautiful face I pulled her towards me and kissed her. She looked at me strangely and I said “ looks like you liked it “. She said “ we will see”. I watched as they both walked into the forest with both there cute butts in there baggy snow pants, both were wearing wearing sweaters with hoodies. Hailey asked me if I could take her pee in the snow she was frightened so I started to follow her. She giggled and instructed me to turn around , she slowly pulled her snow pants down her red panties on full display , my head still turned around she slowly put her fingers into her panties and slid them down her bare pussy on display as she slowly bent over with her tight ass barely touching the snow. Hailey squeals and says “ ahhh no “. I turned around to make sure she was ok and she was laid out on her back and her snow pants and panties still around her ankles with her legs lightly spread with her pussy in clear view as I stared and she couldn’t move stuck in the snow she yelled “ well help me dick why are you staring so not cool just checking out my naked body”. I smirked and walked over getting a better look at her lower body each step I took I said “ do you want me to help you or not. Completely blushing “ yes I do please”. As I stood over her I got an eye full and reach my hand down to grab her hand as I pulled her up I couldn’t help but get turned on , she could see my hard dick imprint in my snow pants her face smiling as she looked at it. I pulled her to her feet and she bent over and pulled her panties and pants up. Jennifer walks over and says “ what is taking you two so long “ Hailey says well I had a bit of an accident and well... Brian saw me naked” .. Jennifer says” how the hell did that happen”. Hailey says “ I slipped and he made sure to get an eye full and then helped me “. Jennifer starts cracking up . We all start to walk to the lift again and I’m talking to Jennifer, When suddenly Hailey says “ this is a good spot here”. She puts her boots in her bindings and scoots next to Jennifer and gets behind her, waiting for Jennifer to bind her boots to her board. Jennifer starts laughing again and says “ I still can’t believe you saw Hailey naked , is she shaved as she nudges me “ I smile at her before I can reply to her Hailey is not happy Jennifer is making jokes. She waits for Jennifer to look forward and quickly puts her fingers around her waist grabbing the insides of her snow pants and swiftly pulls them to her ankles exposing her pink Victoria’s Secret panties, Jennifer gasps and quickly reaches down to pull up her snow pants her feet unstable because she is in a panic her snowboard moving on the snow trying to keep her balance she starts to fall forward and her butt points outward towards Hailey. Hailey saw this as a perfect opportunity to finish what she started, I stand by and watch in enjoyment as she is humiliating Jennifer, i am loving every second as my dick gets hard watching. Jennifer’s hands touching the snow trying to regain balance she starts to stand back up and Hailey grabs the bottom of her sweater and as Jennifer is leaned over Hailey starts to pull it over her head her skin becomes exposed and she starts to become unstable again as she begs for Hailey to stop she says “ please please it’s cold I don’t want Brian or anyone else to see me stop now”. Jennifer can’t hold herself up anymore she falls to the ground Hailey crouches down and pushes the sweater to her shoulders and grips it as Jennifer try’s to resist Haileys grip wins and Jennifer’s body seats backwards and her sweater flys over her shoulders, me and Hailey both realize that she didn’t just get her sweater but her t-shirt came with it. Poor Jennifer being humiliated and now she is on her knees snow pants at her ankles and nothing on but her pink bra and pink panties as I enjoy every second she covers her bra with her hands and says “ I am so cold I want to get up the ice is hurting my knees “ Hailey says “ well it was so funny that Brian saw my naked pussy wasn’t it , you just keep on laughing but your not laughing anymore” . Jennifer says “ Hailey I want my sweater and my shirt back and I want to snowboard like we came here to do”. Hailey tells Jennifer “ someone is coming on the lift it’s a group of people hurry and get up” we are slightly hidden but Jennifer was freaking out. Her tight ass shaking around as she frantically try’s to get up, Hailey watches as I stare at her pink panties shake around Hailey catches me looking and smiles. Hailey bends over and says “ let me help Jennifer” she picks up the sweater and puts it over her head and Jennifer gets her arms tangled up and she loses her balance once again and Hailey starts laughing and so do I. Hailey reaches down and un clips the bra clip and yanks extremely hard busting the bra completely off Jennifer. At this point Jennifer is mortified her breasts touching the cold snow her nipples becoming erect, afraid to move and expose herself to me and Hailey. The people are not far and Hailey whispers to Jennifer “ if you don’t just get up and scoot your board behind these trees those people will come over here and then your really Going to be humiliated “ me and Hailey both grab her shoulders as she covers her erect breasts with her hands we carry her to the tree and she stands there with her snow pants to her ankles completely topless and is extremely upset. Hailey is talking to Jennifer and i just stare hoping I get a glimpse of her nice breasts. Hailey disappears behind the trees and says “ I will make sure no one is coming” . Jennifer staring at me saying “ your an asshole , I can’t even pull my pants up because then I’ll be exposed”. Hailey suddenly reaches from behind the tree and uses some yellow caution tape she found and grabs both Jennifer’s hands and tire them behind the tree and ties a very strong knot. I stand shocked as both of her breasts come into full view, she looks at me and blushes and starts to yell but Hailey says “ shut your mouth bitch or those people will enjoy the show too”. Jennifer gets dead silent. Hailey stands beside me and says “ well ... is she shaved or not” I smile and say “ I guess you will have to yank her shit down so we can check for ourselves” Jennifer whispers “ please no , why are you humiliating me in front of Brian like this you know I have a crush on him I didn’t want him to get my clothes off this way” Hailey walks up to Jennifer kisses her on her lips in a very sexy way and says “ I’ll tell you who’s laughing now “ her hands grip her pink panties and she yanks them to the ground with her pants , her body completely on display for me to enjoy . Hailey says “ I guess she is shaved no hair in sight you like what you see Brian” and I shake my head up and down . I pull out my cell phone and take several pictures and record her humiliation I stand there completely erect my snow pants poking forward my 8 inch cock happy as ever and Hailey sees it poking and says “ that’s pretty hot Brian don’t we get to see it “ my blush disappears but I know that I got to have a show and it’s only fair. I tell Hailey “I didn’t even get to see her butt or your breasts if you strip right now then I’ll slide my sweater and shirt off and slide my snow pants down and my boxers and let you both get a completely nude show”. Hailey Looks at Jennifer and says “ I’ll untie you and you can strip me and you and I can dance for a bit” she whispers something in her ear which I don’t hear what it is . TO BE CONTINUED

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