Observation by a disgruntled author
Wed Feb 13, 2019 13:58

As an occasional author, I have to say this board's audience is a bigger problem than the people who post stories. Anon audience members are demanding and rude, assuming authors have some debt to them like the recent comment "Wheres busty the snowman part 3, it was promised over a month ago." On top of that, readers are overly critical about story content. You're on a site called "teen girl pantsing and stripping stories," it's not my duty as a volunteer author to cater to what you consider "too young" or otherwise taboo, especially when we're talking about 13 vs 14yo or whatever. Its fiction, change the details in your head or stop reading the story.

Better yet, write your own story to get off to. Maybe even be so kind to post it for everyone else's approval.

And yes there are a few phenomenal authors who have posted here, but dont put those authors and all others down by saying they never post anymore or others aren't as good.

Authors, stop asking the readers what they want to see or not and just write what you like. People will give their comments after if they feel like it. Authors shouldn't have to ask what's OK to write about when they're the lifeblood of this board. In fact, maybe if people posted fewer stories then the readers who always post "this boards dead" and "what's with all the ______ stories" will finally gtfo and we can give future authors a better culture to write in.

By the way, it takes me at least 1.5 hours to write anything that this board receives well, which is as valuable of time to me as it is you. I can't imagine the effort that goes into big multipart chain stories some authors do.

And me posting a story is a FAVOR to you, i could've easily kept it for myself, so dont tell me it's not what you prefer to get off to.

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      • Re: Author Issues and Discussion - Anonymous, Mon Feb 25 12:49
        Definitely do not feel that way. All types of stories are welcomed by us all. If someone doesn't like it they won't read it. I personally have always liked weird stories with am element of SciFi or... more
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    • Several valid points but... - The Controverser, Sat Feb 16 17:33
      I get it. I really do. You have an idea of what this board should be and when people seem impatient, ungrateful, and demanding, it seems the exact opposite of what you want for this board. But... and ... more
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