my two cents again (and that's all it worth, folks)
Thu Feb 14, 2019 13:26

Some of these comments seem directed at my response to gwhitefieldís post about ideas; that may be me projecting, but still I feel obligated to make a rebuttal. Iím sorry if it comes off as overly self-aggrandizing but as your post was a bit on the pretentious side Iíve allowed myself some license to be so as well.

Yes, the site is called ďTEEN girl pantsingĒ, not pedoís haven. I specifically said Iím ok with 14 year olds being written about, and I suppose 13 yr olds too, but I donít think itís unreasonable not to want content about naked 9, 10, 11 yr olds, or some even younger on here.That along with too many storiesí fascination with diapers and flat chests contributes to a fetishization of prepubescents that this board isnít supposed to be about.

Iíd like to point out that I was offering my thoughts on an authorís specific request, and that usually I only comment positive things on stories by our better authors like Phoenixenf and jonathon and mr (ms?) whitefield, and indeed there are a few stories here where my kudos are the only comment. I wish Iíd done it more. And when stories suck, I donít post ďboo, you stinkĒ I just ignore them. I agree with you that it would be nice if everyone did the same, but dude, this is the internet. People are going to voice their opinion, and sometimes itís not going to be complimentary. Itís going to be the same on this site as any other out there.

Also, while I do think saying we were "promisedĒ a story is rather presumptuous, I donít think requesting updates on story installments is itself rude. It just means your story is good, and that weíre interested.

I appreciate the effort you put into your writing, though I wish you hadnít posted this anonymously (much like some of the commenters youíve complained about) so I could compliment your work. In general I think all of us on the board should try our best not to be dicks to each other. That goes equally for you and for me, and double for the idiot above me who decided to troll you.

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    • my two cents again (and that's all it worth, folks) - Anonymoose, Thu Feb 14 13:26
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