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Fri Feb 15, 2019 05:06


  • Thoughts - Anonymous, Tue Feb 5 14:07
    Who would you rate as some of the best writers on this site?
    • Re: Thoughts - Anonymous, Fri Feb 15 05:06
    • Favourite - Anon, Thu Feb 14 14:46
      I miss Dr Kate. Whatever happened to her???
    • Re: Thoughts - Jamie, Thu Feb 7 23:18
      I really liked those Mollie stories from Perfect Stranger. There has only been 2 but hoping for more. Well written and very original
      • Re: Thoughts - Perfect Stranger, Sun Mar 10 08:55
        Thanks Jamie I am thrilled at your comment. I always try and write something new and different, something that has not been seen before on the website, it might not be to everyones tastes but I hope... more
    • Sds - ENFusiast, Thu Feb 7 08:31
      I Would say SDS however golden age SDS when he used to post loads and continue his stories. Last few years We've barely seen him post... PLEASE SDS JUST POST MORE IM MOT A LITTLE GIRL PLEASE IM... more
      • Re: Sds - Anonymous, Sun Feb 10 17:20
        This!!! INALG is the best story in the genre. I neeeeeeeed more of that one. Or at the very least continuation of the main Trisha story line
    • Re: Thoughts - Anonymous, Tue Feb 5 15:11
      Well that's not really a fist question. They all have very different writing styles. But I guess I would probably choose either SDS or Booty. Or possibly PhoenixENF. But really, anyone who writes on... more
      • favorite authors? - XP, Wed Feb 6 21:19
        The ones who use mostly proper grammar and space out their paragraphs instead of keeping the whole story in one block.
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