Fri Feb 15, 2019 20:56

The overall quality of the community here has been a problem since around the board changeover, and I've never been able to understand why it was. Far too much hostility in comments, mixed with a general lack of positive comments, lead to fewer authors bothering at all. In just my own recent past we had a flamewar started when people accused another author of copying one of my ideas (based on a vague similarity). My most recent Playville Saga updates have mostly been ignored in general, with the majority of the comments I got being guys mad about the story featuring equal male and female nudity (as was the design of that saga from day one).

The comments attacking stories for not conforming to the reader's specific desires are the most pointless on here, and those have become a problem. Some people go nuts over male nudity, age, or specific content in ways that end up just being petty and entitled. Real-talk here, far less than half of the stories posted on here are interesting to me at all just based on their content. I don't care about diapers, peeing, age-play, spanking, wedgies, femdom, and several other common fetishes on here. That being said, I just ignore those stories and let fans of that stuff read them. I don't post hateful nonsense to cause drama.

I legitimately believe that a big part of our struggles comes from the rise of the Incels. For those outside of the loop, Incels are a massive subculture of toxic-male women-haters who swear off of all aspects of relationships, seeing them as nothing more than a feminist tool of enslavement, and they tend to troll everywhere they go online. They became a thing about 5 years ago and they flood most adult sites with trash and hatred as part of their "war" against women's sexuality. They are the ones raising hell over the Gillette ad. Because they exist as a walking entitlement complex, the comments we've been getting in recent years fits with this.

PS: My work schedule as an adult has made finding time for writing nearly impossible. I work 60 hours a week minimum, and my stories usually take many hours to get right. The sad part is, I don't even have time to READ everything anymore. For most of us American Millennials, life in a failing economy that peaked in the freaking 1970s has not lived up remotely to the expectations given to us since childhood. One day I'd like to be able to be financially secure on 40 hours and reclaim my time and life, but that day sure as hell ain't today.

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        Definitely do not feel that way. All types of stories are welcomed by us all. If someone doesn't like it they won't read it. I personally have always liked weird stories with am element of SciFi or... more
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    • Several valid points but... - The Controverser, Sat Feb 16 17:33
      I get it. I really do. You have an idea of what this board should be and when people seem impatient, ungrateful, and demanding, it seems the exact opposite of what you want for this board. But... and ... more
    • Agreed - Executionus, Fri Feb 15 20:56
    • My thoughts - PhoenixENF, Thu Feb 14 14:38
      Although I am guilty of asking for ideas in the past, I would hope that those who volunteer their ideas know I don't owe them anything. And that the best I can do is draw inspiration and themes for... more
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