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On the topic of re-writes
Mon Feb 12, 2018 16:05

So, something I do for my own amusements every now and then is take a story by another author and slightly re-write it, it's not always a lot of differences, some times it's just me changing the dialogue a bit and adding some of my own preferred kinks to it, sometimes I double the length of the story with how much I add to it.

Naturally, I don't go around posting that sort of stuff around, it typically adds very little for the people who liked the original story, and I don't usually have the ability to get in touch with the authors to get their permission.

Now this is relevant because I recently re-write the story "Strip HORSE" that is posted on this board, as per usual, it was just a few added paragraphs and some grammar corrections that I happened to catch, but then I figured I'd write a second chapter, because why not, this one is, of course, entirely my own creation with 100% new content.

So to make a long story short (yes, I know, too late), I was wondering if it's frowned upon to post those stories here, bearing in mind that I'd be crediting the original author, is that okay? Should I just forget about it and keep my rewrites to myself?

What do you guys think?

    • It's fine. - Executionus, Thu Feb 15 21:15
      We recently had a gender-swapped rewrite posted on the story page to great fanfare. There is zero reason why rewrites would be frowned upon, as long as credit was posted.
    • re-writes - xboxpoptart, Wed Feb 14 14:17
      Agree with anon, as long as you give credit it should be fine. Seeing some of the older stories made a bit more readable and brought back to the front is nice.
    • Re: On the topic of re-writes - Leom1133, Wed Feb 14 07:58
      The truth is many author's read someone else's story and 'borrow' some of the ideas / subject matter to create their own story. Sometimes the new story is very different and sometimes it's more of a... more
    • Sounds fair to me - Anonymous, Mon Feb 12 18:01
      I think as long as you credit the original author, building off a small story and making it your own it totally okay
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