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No Subject
Mon Mar 12, 2018 06:27

What is going with this board? So many stories now involving diapers and wetting themselves, etc.. What happened to the old story topics that made this board great. I wish some of the original writers would come back. Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing people's writing styles. It's just seems like this board is taking a strange turn.

    • Rave Girl - Janie, Thu Mar 29 20:37
      Rave Girl where are you now that we need you?!!! (Rave Girl was one of the original writers. I thought she was really cool.)
    • scat and diapers etc - Janie, Thu Mar 29 20:35
      It's all great til u have a baby and have to live it for several years! then, OMG!!!!! forget scat! lmao
    • a defense - rodneysghost, Mon Mar 12 20:18
      As one of the people you're probably talking about, I will say that this is the first time I have ever used diapers in a story and likely the last. I go where the story takes me, and that seemed like ... more
      • A reply - Mad about it, Tue Mar 13 22:40
        I have no problem with new stuff and diapers can be humiliated in a good way just the feces isnt cool. The stuff "embarrassingstories" posted like just seems of bad taste to me
    • Why - Mad about it, Mon Mar 12 15:25
      Definitely not okay with shit and piss stories like how is that attractive or suiting to this board. I shouldnt be trying to read a story and literally read "bowel movement"
    • Re: No Subject - Jake, Mon Mar 12 06:31
      I totally agree. Sure would be nice if some of the original writers would come back.
      • See comment about Rave Girl - Janie, Thu Mar 29 20:38
        and Emma and Drew....
      • Re: No Subject - Anonymous, Mon Mar 12 06:35
        Again, don't get me wrong. I'm all for new additions to this board. Gives me something to read. I appreciate everyone who posts stories and helpful things, on the discussion thread. Also I noticed I... more
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