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Discipline Spankings for Errant Housewives
Mon May 7, 2018 06:17

Have you been unmotivated, bored, and lazy? Spending too much time watching TV, and too little on your personal development and your duties as a wife? Is your husband a softie, unwilling to give you the correction you so richly deserve? Does he fail to understand the need a woman can have to be pushed over a big man's strong thigh, feel her skirt lifted up and...(shudder)...her panties being pulled down to her knees, and then hear a deep slightly sadistic male voice saying to her, "This is going to hurt you FAR more than it does me, little girl."?

I can help. I can provide the willpower you've been lacking. The cure for boredom. A hot secret hidden underneath your sensible pants.

Your absolute security and privacy is the foundation on which your domestic discipline will be built.

If you are the type of woman for whom this message is meant, you will know it. We will talk by email/text and see whether we want to take the step of meeting.

I am a strong, masculine, good-looking guy, and very experienced at giving spankings.

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