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Fri Nov 30, 2018 09:51

Hello I'm a female who is very lazy need my house clean but I don't. Wondering if you could give me a spanki wasng for my lazyness.Thank you

  • Discipline Spankings for Errant Housewives - Anonymous, Mon May 7 06:17
    Have you been unmotivated, bored, and lazy? Spending too much time watching TV, and too little on your personal development and your duties as a wife? Is your husband a softie, unwilling to give you... more
    • "Rose Calvert" - The Original Poster of This Ad!, Sun Dec 2 06:52
      Apparently Ms Calvert doesn't know how to respond to her own email...
    • Spanking - Rose Calvert, Fri Nov 30 09:51
      • Location - otk4smilee, Sat Dec 1 14:18
        Where do you live and what is your age?
      • Re: Spanking - Anonymous, Sat Dec 1 01:41
        I would love to give your lovely bare bottom a good hard spanking :) I'm located in Tennessee, where are you?
        • Need a spanking - Sammy745, Tue Dec 4 10:25
          I am located in the Northwest part of Illinois. I am a 63 yr old widower
        • Re: Spanking - Anonymous, Sat Dec 1 13:50
          Hello, I'm in Hillsboro Ohio do you travel?
          • Do I travel? - Sammy745, Tue Dec 4 10:26
            Good morning. No, I don't travel. I live in Northwest Illinois.
          • Spanking - Rose Calvert, Sat Dec 1 19:33
            Hi I'm looking for an older man that will give me a spanking. I'm 53 yrs old and yes even older ladies need to be spank.
            • Curious - Sammy745, Tue Dec 4 10:30
              Good morning. I know what you mean. I feel much better after a good thorough bare bottom spanking. I am 63 years old widower.
            • Re: Spanking - Howard Wooster, Sun Dec 2 04:08
              I'm 66 years young, 6'4", 250 lb., and except for my wisdom teeth I have all my teeth and all my hair, LOL! My email address is:
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