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Victoria Swartz
10/3 Online Discussion
Fri Oct 3, 2014 3:53pm

Most papers I wrote in high school were summary or argumentative papers. I never had any issues with drawing out an argumentative paper. I actually considerer myself pretty good at coming up with strong arguments. What hurt me the most during high school was the fact that most of my teachers did not even require papers to be typed and we could turn it in hand written. It was not until my junior and senior year where I learned how to make a paper with a strong thesis. I couldnít even write a simple three-page essay, and I was that awful at writing. Thankfully though I had a teacher that took the time to show me how to write a paper. I only did a poem analysis once during my senior year in high school. I do not remember much about it, but I know I was not very good at it. I may have done literary analysis before but I donít remember much. It seems I have forgotten a lot that I have done my freshman and sophomore years. The T.C. Boyle paper is quite a bit more intimidating than the Narrative that I just wrote. I enjoy the book though even though the scenarios are wacky and somewhat outrageous they have a certain truth behind it. The love section is probably my most favorites because itís not the typical love story. Not all love stories end in a happy ending and Iím glad that he writes a more realistic love story. I have quite a few questions about the paper. Am I suppose to use all the stories to compare and contrast or can I focus on just a few? Do I have to cite if I am using sentences out of the book? Do we get to choose stories that we didnít read or do we have to choose the stories that we only read? Is there anything specific that you are looking for when we compare the stories? I realize that this is going to be a lot more challenging, but I hope that I am able to really pull off a good grade for this next paper. Word Count: 362

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