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jinseul kang
10/10 discussion
Fri Oct 10, 2014 4:24pm

When I found out there would be book reading in the class, I expected stories of the book to be classic such as those of Shakespeare. However the Boyle stories were so different, bold and eccentric that it made me feel weird, gross.

Story that most unlike anything I have read before is ‘The human fly’, Zoltan, main character also can be seen as heroic figure in some degree- not in the traditional way of course.
#Everybody. It seemed, wanted a piece of Zoltan.
The jerky figures move against a backdrop of greed and corruption, the Human Fly ascendant, incorruptible, climbing hand over hand to the top.#
In stories I have read before, heroes had admirable features; good-looking healthy body, handsome or beautiful, high moral standards, strong and invincible, cool personality. Whereas our little hero Zoltan was dirty, skinny, emaciated- As the story going, he looked nothing similar to ghost. He had this terrible fashion sense, he rumbled. Considering his behaviors for publicity, we can’t really related him to moral examples. In the end he died- contrast to invincible. Ultimately what he had done was not for some good of humanity but for own sake; desire to be famous, die. After all he was one human. He might be the most human-like hero I’ve ever seen.

‘Modern Love’ is a story I liked most. It was really interesting and different from any other love story I’ve read- it’s realistic. It let me re-think and lower my high expectation about love. Sometimes it’s good to see reality away from fantasy which ‘Notebook’, ‘Pretty woman’ display.
For another reason, I could easily get what his intention in writing regarding to the title ‘Modern love’. It sharply reflected contemporary love style; meaning-less, without deep emotion-fluid, empty.

My least liked story, ‘Carnal knowledge’. It was nothing. As eco-terrorist, things what Alena carried for animals, trees was nothing otherwise made problems worse. If I see only consequences, I can even see her as terrorist against eco not eco-terrorist. Jim’s love towards Alena was shallow, meaning-less. What he really wanted was her body, intercourse. The turkey independent operation eventually led them (turkey) to same destiny (killed by human). They didn’t save any things- What a waste. Jim soon got over Alena along with his fake eco enthusiasm. Image of the whole story, futility, was so strong that after I done reading it, I felt like ‘Did I just read something?’ it was vain, I didn’t like that.

Word count: 414

  • 10/10 Discussion - Andy Bates, Fri Oct 10 7:01am
    Which of the Boyle stories we've read so far do you like the most? Why? Which of the stories we've read do you like the least? Why? Which story is most unlike anything you've read before?
    • 10/10 Discussion - Tatyana Allison, Fri Oct 10 4:31pm
      The Boyle story that I enjoyed reading the most was Carnal Knowledge. This was a very interesting story due to how much he had changed to actually get in the girls undies. She was extreme in what she ... more
    • 10/10 discussion - jinseul kang, Fri Oct 10 4:24pm
    • 10/10 Discussion - Jared Holst, Fri Oct 10 4:18pm
      The Boyle stories are different than any other book or short story that I read before. You never know the various twists and turns that Boyle is going to throw at you while reading. Since Boyle’s... more
    • 10/10 Online Discussion - Janice Stroud, Fri Oct 10 3:55pm
      The Boyle Story I liked the most would have to be Big Game. I liked this story the most because although it has a tragic ending, it also shows some justice for what has been done in the story.... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Dee Jetter, Fri Oct 10 3:53pm
      Out of all the Boyle stories we all have read so far, my favorite was the The Big Game. I really got upset how people were just killing animals for fun, no matter how strong or weak they were. The... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Morgan Wilson, Fri Oct 10 3:28pm
      Among all of Boyle’s stories we have already read, I would have to say my favorite one would be Modern Love. When it comes to love stories, everyone wants to read a sweet love story where the couple... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Kacey Jarvis, Fri Oct 10 2:49pm
      The T.C. Boyle stories have all been extremely interesting and intriguing to me. Most of all, The Human Fly was definitely my favorite story. I thought it had a very dry sense of humor, which is... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Henry Spence, Fri Oct 10 2:34pm
      Out of all of the TC Boyles stories we have read so far my favorite one is The Human Fly. I enjoyed this story because it was very intriguing. I was always curious what the next stunt would be and to ... more
    • Discussion 10/10 - Danielle Wiercyski, Fri Oct 10 1:34pm
      Out of all the Boyle stories so far I’ve liked “Little Fur People” the best. I like that this story revolved around animals. I also liked that Boyle showed how dumb the laws are towards animals. It... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Lauren Smith, Fri Oct 10 1:26pm
      The last few weeks we have been reading short stories by T.C. Boyles and these stories are none like any other stories I have ever read in my life. They are crazy and weird and full of depth that I... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Ashley Larsen , Fri Oct 10 12:56pm
      Out of the Boyle stories that we have read thus far, I would have to say I found “On For the Long Haul” to be my favorite. I liked this story for many reasons, one being that until Rayfield Cullum... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Brandon Goodwin, Fri Oct 10 12:55pm
      Out of all the Boyle’s stories we have read so far, I liked Carnal Knowledge the most because it was such a true depiction of how relationships and hook up scenarios are in today’s time. In Carnal... more
    • 10/10 - Fadhila Al Shammari, Fri Oct 10 12:49pm
      So far I have enjoyed reading all the stories in the T.C. Boyle book but I would have to say that my favorite story is Carnal Knowledge, because maybe the events are not always realistic in... more
    • Re: 10/10 Discussion - Thomas Grotheer, Fri Oct 10 12:43pm
      The stories from the T.C. Boyle book that I have liked so far are Little Fur People, The Human Fly, and on for the long haul. I will explain why I like the stories that I do. I liked the story Little ... more
    • 10/10 discussion - Lindsey Justice, Fri Oct 10 12:04pm
      The T. C. Boyle story I liked the most was Carnal Knowledge. The story was very entertaining and it grabbed my attention. The events that he encountered including getting knocked out by a body guard... more
    • 10/10 discussion - Mollie Dignan, Fri Oct 10 10:22am
      The T.C Boyle story that I liked the most was “Little Fur People”. I feel like I relate to it, but not to the part about the squirrels. I had a really hard time leaving my puppy when I came to... more
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