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Nick Kleber
Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:36pm

Nicholas Kleber
For my TC Boyle paper I have chosen to do a theme paper on The Human Fly and On For the Long Haul. It took a lot of decision making for me to decide which two options to focus on but after considering the notes I have taken and the information I know, I feel that the two I have picked are the best options. They both have very similar characters and plot lines that can easily be compared and the small differences within the stories can be contrasted very easily. The theme of “obsession” occurs in the main characters in both stories which carry out the events that take place. I feel that I will be able to write a detailed and informative response to the guidelines of this paper. Also, I felt a genuine interest in reading these stories when they were originally assigned. Every time that we would go over the stories in class and decide if we liked the story, did not, or were ambiguous, I found myself raising my hand for the like option on these two. They caught my attention and kept me on my toes at all times, which makes me excited to be able to write a paper about comparing the two. Aside from the two main characters having similar attributes, both stories had a greedy agent that added suspense throughout the story. I feel that this secondary information will be enough to help me continue in my paper if I struggle to make any more comparisons. The two main themes of these stories are for the most part exactly the same. Zoltan from the human fly has an obsession with being famous and that theme takes us through the remainder of the story. In On For the Long Haul Wemp is obsessed with his safety and will do whatever it takes to insure he is in a secure position. Also, both stories feature an agent to fuel the situation and their actions are based around greed. The two stories although different, have very similar components that make it the perfect set up for a themed paper.

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