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Janice Stroud
10/24 Online Discussion
Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:14pm

For my T.C. Boyle paper, I chose my thesis to be “T.C. Boyle feels strongly about the roles animals play in the environment. The way be portrays the characters in the stories I chose tell me he feels that animals are just as important to the environment as people are”. The two stories I chose to back up my thesis are “Big Game” and “Little Fur People”.

The short story “Big Game” supports my thesis because T.C. Boyle portrays the characters from the story in a negative way when they want to kill animals for something as stupid as decorations. We know Boyle wants to portray the characters that way because he makes us feel good about the Benders dying horribly at the end of the story. Bessie Bee, the elephant, charges the characters that are killing the animals for decorations and basically tramples them to their death. The audience has a feeling of justice being served after Bessie Bee does that. That’s how we know Boyle feels animals are just as important as people in the environment.

The short story “Little Fur People” supports my thesis because Grace, the main character, is trying to help save the lives of squirrels. Although Grace is not the sanest person we know that she has a big heart because she helps nurses squirrels she finds back to health. We know the main character is taking it too far by housing thirty two squirrels. Officer Kraybill enters the story and causes some trouble for Grace and tells her, “These squirrels-and all wildlife—are the property of the State of California, and it is against the law to keep, traffic, in or domesticate them.” (Boyle 147). These means that she cannot keep them. Grace fires back quickly by saying, “But I can kill them though, can’t I? I can stalk them with a gun, innocent things that wouldn’t hurt a fly, isn’t that right?” (Boyle 147). Which is proving a point because in hunting season there is no bag limit on squirrels. The audience feels as if this wrong and that Grace should be able to save these little harmless animals.

Both of these storied prove that T.C. Boyle feels that animals are important to the environment. It also tells us that he believes that they deserve justice in some cases like in “Big Game” and sometimes they do not get it like in “Little Fur People”

Word Count: 403

  • 10/24 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Oct 23 8:50pm
    What is your thesis for the Boyle paper? Which stories do you feel best prove it? What parts of the stories best support it?
    • 10/24 discussion - Ben Evans, Fri Oct 24 5:00pm
      My thesis for the T.C. Boyle paper is that Boyle has a serious problem with women in general; I mean let’s face it the man probably never got laid in the first place. All of the writing about body... more
    • Re: 10/24 Discussion - Thomas Grotheer, Fri Oct 24 4:44pm
      The thesis for my Boyle paper is the characters and events from T.C. Boyle’s book prove that Boyle thinks that greed and obsession are harmful. I believe that I can correctly link the two stories “On ... more
    • Re: 10/24 Discussion - matt ward, Fri Oct 24 4:41pm
      The thesis I decided to use for my paper is “T.C. Boyle feels strongly about how greed and obsession are negative and are killers, he shows this in both On For the long haul and the human fly by... more
    • 10/24 discussion - jinseul kang, Fri Oct 24 3:18pm
      My thesis is held by two stories, ‘On for the long haul’ and ‘Peace of mind’. Two stories shared identical subject or theme, safety or peace of mind- they are interchangeable. Besides the similarity... more
    • 10/24 Online Discussion - Janice Stroud, Fri Oct 24 2:14pm
    • 10/24 discussion - Jared Holst, Fri Oct 24 1:55pm
      My thesis in the Boyle paper was a pretty easy one to decide on. The themes that I decided on were obsession and greed. Boyle talks about how Zoltan is obsessed in “The Human Fly” with being famous.... more
    • 10/24 Discussion - Brandon Goodwin, Fri Oct 24 1:38pm
      For my T.C. Boyles literary analysis paper, my thesis is based off of the stories “The Human Fly” and “On For The Long Haul”. These stories tell me that Boyle thinks obsession and greed are killers... more
    • 10/24 Discussion - Lauren Smith, Fri Oct 24 1:13pm
      My thesis for the Boyle paper is that T. C. Boyle shows his opinion of obsession in many ways different stores and ways of how it can ultimately destroy your life and take over your mind. The stories ... more
    • 10/24 Discussion - Ashley Larsen , Fri Oct 24 1:02pm
      Ashley Larsen For the Boyle paper, I did the theme paper in which my thesis states - Boyle shows his disgust towards these characteristics by showing how obsession can cause one to do wild things and ... more
    • 10/24 Discussion - Jenna Russo, Fri Oct 24 12:38pm
      I believe I have a strong thesis that really fits well with my theme paper. My thesis for the paper is the following: “The stories and the way the characters are tell me that the author thinks that... more
    • 10/24 Discussion - Henry Spence, Fri Oct 24 9:26am
      My thesis in the T.C. Boyle Stories paper is based around a theme in two of the stories we have read so far. The theme I introduced in my thesis I my paper was obsession. The stories that support... more
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