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Matt Ward
No Subject
Fri Nov 7, 2014 2:56pm

I want to do my argument paper on whether hunting is ethical or not. A lot of people in todayís world think that hunting is unethical because meat is readily unavailable in grocery stores. They donít realize that people hunt for meat and itís a more humane way to harvest meat. Letting the animal live in the wild its whole life then killing it is not unethical. Hunting is a long tradition and at one point was the only way to get meat. This topic is something that I feel very strong about, but I think that it would be hard to write about because it is simple and I feel that it would be hard to find sources that support it.
Another topic I am very interested is drug testing people who are on government welfare. I am for drug testing because I donít think that people should be able to get help without knowing they wont use the money for drug money. The alternate view to this topic is that you should help people regardless of their situation. This is wrong because people who waste their money on drugs donít deserve to get government help because obviously their priorities are not straight. Even though a very small percentage of people have tested positive for drugs it is not right for them to be getting free money for the government to buy drugs. I think that is a much better topic because of how popular the controversy is. This is something that people hear about a lot on the news so itís more relevant and that gives a lot more sources to pull information from. The counter argument is that people deserve help no matter what their situation is. Also that drug testing is expensive and doesnít help much because not that many people getting welfare are doing many drugs. Drug tests are expensive and to drug test thousands of people it is using money to drug test mostly clean people instead of using the money towards something else or giving it to the people. Although it could potentially waste money it is the right thing to do to make sure people on government support are not doing drugs.

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