Dee Jetter
11/14 Discussion
Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:28pm

My final topic for my argument paper is that, I am in favor of a dream act that lays out certain rules that people who finish high school can have a path of citizenship by going to college or going to the military as long as they follow certain rules. The Dream Act gets people in the military which strengthens national security, keeps people off the streets illegal without hope, creates jobs, and builds the economy. There needs to be a tighter enforcement at the border. In two thousand and ten, there were three hundred and twenty five thousand immigrants out of the nine million, three hundred and eighty seven thousand people that were here then. Think about how many immigrants are here today. These are the facts and these are the numbers but behind the numbers are real people. What happens to these children when they get out of school and what are you going to do with these people if they aren’t given jobs or hope? An opposing reasoning that are against the dream act is that that an act or a rule should starts where the government is to round up all immigrants here and send them back, but how is it possible to round up millions of people without infringing on rights that look Mexican or other “illegal immigrants”. Some examples are a video that shows a graduate with an engineering degree where there are shortages of engineers in this country but instead, because of his illegalness he is doing stucco work. He is getting paid under minimum wage by people that pay under the table illegally, when he has an engineering degree, the only thing holding him back is citizenship. There are students that are illegal immigrants that want to be engineers, doctors, and be in the military and they have all got into got colleges, with amazing grades. They have gotten their degrees and yet they are unable to get the jobs that they deserve, due to being an illegal immigrant. The part where I struggle most is when it comes to stating only facts in my paper and not bring up my own emotions and opinions into that paper. I have to remember to stick with third person, use facts, and don’t use absolutes and vague references to quantities.
word count: 386

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