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Jared Holst
11/14 discussion
Sat Nov 15, 2014 12:26am

After debating for the last week or so, I finally decided on a topic for my argument paper. I am going to write my paper on the way concussions are treated in major sports, and that the leagues arenít doing enough to protect their players. Thereís clear evidence that sports leagues such as the NFL havenít given provided the correct treatment and proper equipment to help prevent concussions. I am planning on using Internet articles, books regarding concussions in sports, and hopefully find some good videos showing debates that have occurred over the past few years on the issue of concussions. The NHL and the NFL have the most occurrences with concussions because they are high impact sports. More recently in the NFL, its former players have sued the league because of the way that they treated their concussions during their careers have filed more lawsuits against the league. With more than 4,000 former players involved in the lawsuit, its going to be hard for the NFL to prove that they provided good treatment. Some argue that the NFL has helped players with more recent rule changes that they are truly putting the players first, but that really just isnít the case. Recently Reebok has introduced a concussion check light, a product that is worn just like a skull cap that will provide information to teams trainers to update them on any players that might have a concussion. A genus idea by the NFL, but one that they might not be able to try. Since the NFL has a apparel deal with Nike, players wont be able to wear the skull cap because it violates the terms of the NFLís contract with the shoe company. If the NFL were truly ďall inĒ for protecting their players, they would have found a way to use the skull cap. I think the hardest challenge im going to have with this paper is providing a good enough argument to my reader about the stance that I have taken on this issue. It a topic that I fell should be addressed even more since I play a contact sport and have encountered people who have gotten concussions.


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