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Brooke Robbins
10/3 Discussion
Fri Oct 3, 2014 2:14pm

I have written multiple types of papers through out high school. These papers were mainly literary analyses that discussed books or poems that were read during class. We would come up with a thesis as a class and then write the essay to prove our thesis. I was restricted to a three-part thesis and only five paragraphs. Most of the time the whole class had the same thesis, so it was easy to collaborate and get help. Often times my teacher made us write about a specific topic or gave us several prompts and allowed us to chose the one we liked best. The method my teachers used often restricted our opportunities to express our thoughts. We were not given the chance to voice our opinions on topics that we found interesting and truly cared about. I found it extremely hard to write an entire paper on something I did not agree or support. In my English class of my senior year we read a lot of poems and discussed them but never wrote full papers about them, just brief theses. For me, they were the most difficult and my least favorite type of analysis. Unlike most, I was not required to do a research paper and I have little knowledge on how to do them. I am slightly nervous about the TC Boyle paper because I have never fully written one on my own. I think the most difficult part will be creating a thesis that can easily be proven and is effective. However, going through and picking out key details and analyzing literature has always been easy to me. I feel like I know what I am supposed to do and can accomplish it. It will be much easier than my high school papers in the sense that I do not have to create a three-part thesis with only five paragraphs. My only concern is which two stories I should choose to compare to create the most effective paper. I think this paper will be better than my first one since I have received feedback from my first paper and know what to work on.

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