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Brooke Robbins
9/5 Discussion
Fri Sep 5, 2014 12:34pm

My past English experiences have not been very well. Throughout high school I felt that English was a big waste of my time. In the early years of high school, we would simply read a book, discuss the meaning, maybe get a little analytical and then write a paper about what we had spent the past month talking about. Granted, they were not very difficult but I do not think they benefitted me as a writer. I did not understand the point of writing an essay on a topic we had already beaten to death in class. We were constrained to the five-paragraph structure where each paragraph was supposed to be five to seven sentences, no more and no less. Also, my writing from previous classes was mainly based on grammar and structure not necessarily content. I never really had to do much thinking or research until my senior year. My teacher that year was vey interested in thinking deeper and going beyond the surface. That was a huge struggle for me because I had not had a lot of practice in that area. I felt like I was running in a circle because I never truly knew what was expected or the purpose of the paper. I found receiving help from my teacher when beginning my papers to be very beneficial. I was allowed to sit down with her and begin the planning process of the paper where we would break down prompts and discuss what was needed to be included throughout the paper. Also, it was very helpful to bring in a rough draft and receive feedback before the final due date. One thing I did not find beneficial was having other students review and edit my papers. This was not helpful to me because I felt that those reviewing my paper didn’t know exactly what the teacher was looking for. Therefore, it was like the blind leading the blind. This semester I think the opportunity to ask questions and to receive feedback will be extremely helpful. Also, knowing exactly what is required and expected in my papers will also be a huge help.

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