Jesse Mazejka
10/10 Discussion
Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:50pm

So far, my favorite story has to be "On For The Long Haul". The main character Bayard has an evident paranoid side to his personality that causes him, along with his wife and kids, to move to Montana. Why is he paranoid? Because he believes that the Russians will nuke everything along the borders of the U.S., and given that the setting takes place during the Cold War, this behavior isn't as strange as it would be today. However, it's the sense of irony in the fact that Bayard's paranoia led to his own demise that I truly get a kick out of. I mean, for nearly the whole story you're just thinking that Bayard is trying to get to a safer place and that maybe he will succeed in doing so. But then Boyle decides to drop a bomb on Bayard's parade by introducing Cullum, a cold-blooded antagonist who is truly "on for the long haul" and who brings to the story a sudden turn of events. When the story came to an abrupt end, the reader could infer that Cullum would kill Bayard and his family. I enjoy how this cliffhanger makes sense while also tying into the title of the story. That and the overall irony are what thoroughly enticed me as a reader.
The story I hate the most is probably "Carnal Knowledge". The main character is just a thirty year old bachelor who has sex with a random girl on the beach after her dog just took a piss on him. Also, he releases turkey after turkey in an illegal fashion because he fell in love with this girl that he has barely known for a week or so. Overall, it's just ridiculous. And in the end the girl turns out to be someone different, which was totally predictable because she was batshit crazy over animals, even though when she "saves" the turkeys they all end up dying anyway. I still continue to ask myself what the point of this story was, other than the fact that the author is trying to say that the girl is just a slab of meat, or something like that.
"Modern Love" has got to be one of the most unusual stories that we have read so far. Full-body condoms(Swedish full-body condoms, mind you), a hobby for learning about different diseases, and an uncertain gesture of feelings all lead up to the personality of a woman named Breda. The main character who falls in love with Breda ends up royally crushed by her. Huh, a love story gone awry? That's definitely never happened before! However, what really makes this story unique is the odd way that the main characters act in a relationship. They take everything slow, which is what modern love supposedly consists of. But then, once everything comes down to it, there's really no explanation as to why Breda broke it off. One could infer that she's just afraid of germs and that's enough reason alone, but then why would she kiss him, have sex with him, and do all of these other things if ultimately, they all meant nothing to her? Is she a tick herself that brings a disease to her lovers, sucking off the blood of her prey until they're shriveled up and she's had her fill, or is she just different, perhaps, mentally? There's really no telling, and it's because of this uncertainty that really brought this story to my attention.

  • 10/10 Discussion - Andy Bates, Fri Oct 10 7:02am
    Which of the Boyle stories we've read so far do you like the most? Why? Which of the stories we've read do you like the least? Why? Which story is most unlike anything you've read before?
    • 2/27 Discussion - Samantha Peedin, Fri Feb 27 2:59pm
      Out of all of the Boyle stories, my favorites are The Human Fly and Carnal Knowledge. When reading The Human Fly, it was easy to read and follow along. It was more interesting then all of the others... more
    • Discussion 2/27 - Logan Cox, Fri Feb 27 10:39am
      The T.C. Boyle story that I have liked the most out of the ones we have read so far was "On for the Long Haul." I liked this story the most because I think I understood it best out of all the ones we ... more
    • 10/10 response - Selden bullock, Fri Oct 10 6:19pm
      So far out of all the T.C. Boyle stories my favorite hahs been big game. I find my liking for Big Game is the amount of justification the story possesses. In all of the literature I have read, which... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Kathryn Vollrath, Fri Oct 10 4:55pm
      Out of all the stories we read in the TC Boyle book the one I enjoyed the most was The Big Game because it was filled with a lot of irony and I liked the end of the story. The fact that Boyle made... more
    • 10/10 discussion - John Acree, Fri Oct 10 4:46pm
      To be honest I haven't really enjoyed any of the Boyle stories because they all just seem very weird to me. A prime example of this is Modern Love. That bitch was crazy to say the least. Why would... more
    • Discussion 10/10 - Taylor Pease, Fri Oct 10 3:16pm
      I find the Boyle stories to be very unique and unlike any other story that I have read. I believe that The Human Fly is my favorite. The reason I chose this story over the rest is because it portrays ... more
    • 10-10 Discussion - Logan Salas, Fri Oct 10 1:40pm
      I really enjoyed Little Fur People. I liked it because from the very beginning it kept you interested. Even though it was a little outrageous and strange, I thought she was passionate about what she... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Savannah White, Fri Oct 10 1:26pm
      My favorite T.C Boyle story that we have read is Big Game. This particular story is my favorite because it was not only interesting to read but it had a way of making you feel almost happy when the... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Jesse Mazejka, Fri Oct 10 12:50pm
      • 10/10 Discussion - Jesse Mazejka, Fri Oct 10 12:57pm
        So far, my favorite story has to be "On For The Long Haul". The main character Bayard has an evident paranoid side to his personality that causes him, along with his wife and kids, to move to... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Catherine Clark, Fri Oct 10 12:30pm
      To my surprise, I have enjoyed all of the T.C. Boyle stories that we have read so far. The way he writes allows me to easily become engaged in the story, whereas I usually would simply read the story ... more
    • Boyle Stories - Kathryn Hoch, Fri Oct 10 12:14pm
      Out of all of the Boyle stories I have read my favorite has been For the Long Hall. I liked this story because of the irony at the end. I really like stories that have a twist. I think that it was... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Katie Blanquicet, Fri Oct 10 11:51am
      I liked The Big Game even though I didn't read it. It seemed like a really good story when you discussed it in class so I probably need to go back and read it. Carnal Knowledge was okay, I didn't get ... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Madison Thompson, Fri Oct 10 11:46am
      So far, I have not dreaded reading any of the Boyle stories when you assign them. All the titles are really interesting and make me want to read further in the story to figure out what they mean,... more
    • 10/10 discussion - Taylor Wyrick, Fri Oct 10 11:27am
      My favorite stories we have read so are Modern Love, Little fur people, Carnal Knowledge. I liked Modern Love, because it was very different from what I have previously read, it was probably because... more
    • 10/10 discussion - Kathleen Henderson, Fri Oct 10 11:00am
      Of the Boyle stories that we’ve read I like Carnal Knowledge. I liked Carnal Knowledge because I like the ending. Alena and the narrator both get what they were looking for by the end of the story.... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Brooke Robbins, Fri Oct 10 10:54am
      The TC Boyle story I like the most so far has been “Little Fur People”. It was so ridiculous and funny that it kept me entertained and wanting to read more. Also, the story does a really good job at... more
    • 10/10 Discussion - Anna Cline, Fri Oct 10 10:10am
      The TC Boyle story that we have read that I have enjoyed the least would have to be “The Big Game” although I agree with Boyle in his writing and what the people were doing was wrong I didn’t want... more
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