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Katie Blanquicet
10/24 Discussion
Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:56pm

What is my thesis? Oh my this paper is going to kick my ass. Is a thesis the same as the intro? Like that's what you put in your intro right? I think so. So since I'm not one hundred percent sure, I'm just going to read you what I have for it. "Many reoccurring themes have appeared in the six TC Boyle stories we’ve read. Although many of the stories share the same themes, all the stories are very different from each other." I think I need to add another line but I think it's pretty good thus far. Actually, a thesis is supposed to be like a convincing couple of sentences to interest the reader right? I don't know why this paper seems so hard for me to write. Wait, should I mention the themes I'm using in the intro? I probably should right? No, I just read the directions you gave us, it says to tell what Boyle thinks this about this, which is what I have at the end of my intro but I didn't finish the sentence so I didn't mention it previously. But if this is a decent "thesis" I think I'm going to use Big Game and either Little Fur People or Carnal Knowledge. I really liked Carnal Knowledge and that's what I wanted to use but I think it would be easier to use Little Fur People. Actually what. I'm so confused. We can only use two to three stories for the theme paper? Why? I need at least four, two for one theme and then two for another. Or do we use two stories with two of the same theme? I think that is what we're supposed to do. Okay so now that I think I cleared this up for myself, can I use Carnal Knowledge and Modern Love? I know we can't use them for compare/contrast but you never said we couldn't use them for the theme paper. I mean basically using them for the themed paper is kind of the same as using them for compare and contrast. I'm honestly confusing myself trying to figure out what to do. I might just do a compare and contrast. And it's not like you can answer any of these questions anyways. But if you do actually read any of this, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting this last week. I know I was hungover that one day last week, but this past week I've been really sick and I didn't want to talk because when I do I have to clear my throat and my cough has sounded awful so I hope you can look past it, I'm almost done with the medication I was given from student health, which I know you hate, but hopefully next week I'll be chipper like I normally am.

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  • 10/24 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Oct 23 8:51pm
    What is your thesis for the Boyle paper? Which stories do you feel best prove it? What parts of the stories best support it?
    • Discussion - Kathryn Hoch, Sun Oct 26 4:22pm
      For the paper I changed my mind and decided to write a theme paper. After all of the classes about the paper I realized that my compare and contrast idea would not work. So for the theme paper my... more
    • 10/24 Discussion - Catherine Clark, Sat Oct 25 2:35pm
      My thesis for the Boyle paper is “Obsession and greed are two of the recurring themes within many of T. C. Boyle’s short stories. Through these stories, it is evident that Boyle thinks being too... more
    • 10-24 Discussion - Logan Salas, Fri Oct 24 11:30pm
      My thesis for the Boyle paper is “In T.C. Boyle’s stories “The Human Fly” and “On For the Long Haul,” Boyle uses the themes of obsession and greed to show that obsession is unhealthy and can lead to... more
    • 10/24 - Anna Cline, Fri Oct 24 4:41pm
      Boyle thinks both the obessions and greed are not useful. I feel that both the stories give good examples using both of these themes. The stories where the agents show that greed will not benefit... more
    • 10/24 Discussion - Brooke Robbins, Fri Oct 24 4:13pm
      For the T.C Boyle paper, my thesis is that Boyle thinks that obsession is an evil thing and can break apart relationships and ultimately the human life. I chose “Little Fur People” to prove my thesis ... more
    • 10/24 discussion - Taylor Wyrick, Fri Oct 24 4:08pm
      My thesis for the Boyle paper is: “In T.C. Boyle’s stories “On For The Long Haul”, “Little Fur People”, and “The Human Fly” he uses a cautionary attitude toward the theme of obsession by using his... more
    • Online Discussion 10/24 - Jeremy Knowles, Fri Oct 24 4:04pm
      The theme I have chosen to focus on is passion. In “Little Fur People” and “Carnal Knowledge” Boyle gives us two extremes of passion and the outcomes of it. I have not really decided a thesis yet,... more
    • 10/24 discussion board! - Asha Mason :), Fri Oct 24 3:01pm
      For the Boyle paper I have chosen to write about greed. Since my theme is greed I will focus on the stories “The Human Fly” and “The Big Game.” I am not too sure as to how I am going to start my... more
    • 10/24 Discussion - Madison Thompson, Fri Oct 24 2:41pm
      For my Boyle paper, my thesis is: Boyle thinks when obsessions are taken to extremes, they can be damaging to a persons mental and physical health as well as their quality of life in general. He... more
    • 10/24 Discussion - Savannah White, Fri Oct 24 2:39pm
      My thesis for the Boyle paper is that Boyle believe that obsession is unhealthy and ultimately ends up making the situation worse, while greed causes people to take advantage of others and brings out ... more
    • 10/24 Discussion - Alli Bruce, Fri Oct 24 2:30pm
      My thesis for the literary analysis paper is: “In the T.C. Boyle stories “Little Fur People” and “On for the Long Haul”, Boyle uses the main characters to show how obsession can detrimental to not... more
    • 10/24 Discussion - Katie Blanquicet, Fri Oct 24 12:56pm
    • 10/24 Discussion - Colby Wallmow, Fri Oct 24 12:27pm
      I have not written my thesis yet but my topic will be about rich people and how Boyle always gives them the stereotype of being greedy. If I were to make up a thesis right now it would go, Boyles... more
    • Discussion 10/24 - Taylor Pease, Fri Oct 24 9:56am
      My thesis for the Boyle paper is in T. C. Boyle’s short stories “On For the Long Haul” and “The Human Fly” the themes obsession and greed are significant because Boyle believes that they are... more
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