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Katie Blanquicet
Discussion 10/31
Fri Oct 31, 2014 10:25am

I honestly hated writing the Boyle paper, it really confused me. I thought the personal narrative was easier to write. I just felt like I kept bullshitting the Boyle paper and I think I kept switching in and out of theme and compare and contrast. But I felt like you had to mention the themes for the comparison. It was just all a big mess for me. I used the tools you gave us on how to quote and explanations and observations but it was just not fun for me. It probably shows. Honestly I am a biker girl in your class for today. I hope it at least looks like I am so you aren't like what the heck is she. But last night some guy knew exactly who I was so I have a feeling you'll be able to know too. It's honestly a little cold outside and all I want to do is lay in bed and watch Halloween on re run. Or Friday the 13th but I don't think they would play that today seeing it's not the 13th, but it is Friday. Actually yesterday night I slept at my brother's house in the grid and my kind of boyfriend sorta called and asked me to come over but I had class at 9:30 that I was walking to but I hadn't been to that class in like two weeks and the only reason I was going is because there was a quiz that was due and I actually went to a lot of trouble to get it but anyways, so I got to that class at 9:20, gave my quiz to some random who sits in front of me, I should have mentioned it's a class of 100, and I left for the hill. I got to the hill and went to my room in Jones and freshened up because I had worked up quite the sweat from the grid to Flanagan to the hill. So as soon as I got ready I walked over to his dorm, Scott, which is two dorms down from mine. He just got a tv in his room and I asked him to see what was on AMC because they play all the scary movies during Halloween and the actual Halloween movie was on which is such a classic so I had to watch it and uh it was so good. Well I had personal finance at 11 which I've never missed because you can only have two absences and we were talking about cars which I kind of wanted to go to but it was in Jenkins and the semester is almost over so I mean why not? And I stayed and watched the next two Halloween's before leaving to get the rest of my second costume which didn't even work out so I'll just be Beyonce on Saturday because we aren't really supposed to go out tonight because of our sorority. We are the only sorority with sober driver and this girl complained so this is the first time DZ hasn't had sober driver but we still have to stay in so older sisters don't kick our ass.

Word Count: 531

  • 10/31 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Oct 30 7:28pm
    BOO! How did writing your Boyle paper differ from writing your personal narrative? Which one did you find easier to write? What do you feel were the strengths of your Boyle paper? Weaknesses?
    • Discussion 3/27 - Samantha Peedin, Fri Mar 27 4:56pm
      The narrative paper compared to the TC Boyle paper was extremely different. With the personal narrative paper, I was able to write about what was important to me and elaborate on it. It was a lot... more
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      Writing the T.C. Boyle paper was different from writing the personal narrative for me mainly because the T.C. Boyle paper was more structured rather than in order of events like the personal... more
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      The Boyle paper came a lot easier than the personal narrative. While I was unable to meet with you at all for the Boyle paper simply because I was so busy with school I still felt rather confident in ... more
    • 10/31 Discussion - Brooke Robbins, Fri Oct 31 4:22pm
      Writing the Boyle paper for me was a lot more complicated than the personal narrative. It require a lot more organization and research rather than the narrative. Writing the Boyle paper was very... more
    • Halloween discussion! - Taylor Wyrick, Fri Oct 31 2:45pm
      My Boyle paper took like way longer to write and it was very boring in my opinion. I liked writing my narrative because I could express myself more freely than I could in a more serious paper such as ... more
    • 10/31 - Kathryn Vollrath, Fri Oct 31 2:34pm
      The Boyle paper differed from the personal narrative because I felt I knew exactly the way the paper needed to be organized and a pretty general way it needed to be written. The papers you handed out ... more
    • 10/31 Discussion - Colby Wallmow, Fri Oct 31 2:16pm
      The Boyle paper was different than the personal narrative because I was not writing about my personal experiences. For the personal narrative, people have memories . For the Boyle paper, I had to... more
    • Re: 10/31 Discussion - Anna Cline, Fri Oct 31 2:14pm
      Writing my Boyle paper was different then writing my personal narrative paper because I actually had a set map I could use. My narrative I had a lot of questions just about the set up as apposed to... more
    • 10/31 Discussion - Madison Thompson, Fri Oct 31 1:45pm
      Writing my Boyle paper started off really hard. The term literary analysis is super scary for some reason so I was unsure how to start the paper and what needed to be in it. It took more thought and... more
    • Discussion - Kathryn Hoch, Fri Oct 31 12:29pm
      When writing my personal narrative, I never got writers block. I could keep filling up the pages. At one point I had to tell myself to not write so many details because the paper would have been... more
    • 10/31 Discussion - Alli Bruce, Fri Oct 31 12:24pm
      I thought writing the Boyle paper was a lot harder than writing the personal narrative. The Boyle paper required a lot more work. In the Boyle paper, you had to first decide on which kind you wanted... more
    • 10/31 Discussion - Alexis Medina, Fri Oct 31 10:26am
      The Boyle paper differed from writing the personal narrative in many ways. One reason is because the Boyle stories already had themes in theme, so after going over it in class it was pretty easy to... more
    • Discussion 10/31 - Katie Blanquicet, Fri Oct 31 10:25am
    • GHOE: Greatest Halloween on Earth - Isaiah Oliver, Fri Oct 31 10:14am
      The Boyle paper and the personal narrative differed in a few ways. The Boyle paper, you needed to provide evidence to support your information, but with the personal narrative; the only support you... more
    • Discussion 10/31 - Taylor Pease, Fri Oct 31 9:36am
      After writing my Boyle paper, I actually felt relieved. I believe that I worked very hard on that paper and that I put a lot of hard work in as well. I felt that I supported my thesis to the best of... more
    • 10/31 Discussion - Savannah White, Fri Oct 31 8:37am
      Writing my Boyle paper differed from my personal narrative because in my personal narrative I was just writing about myself and my story, not something I have read or talked about in class. While... more
    • 10/31 Discussion - Catherine Clark, Fri Oct 31 12:22am
      For some reason, I had a really difficult time writing this paper compared to the personal narrative, probably because the Boyle paper needed to be based on fact, while the personal narrative was... more
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