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Eliot Burnhams
10/31 discussion
Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:15pm

Writing the Boyle paper for me was a lot easier than writing the personal narrative. I found it much easier because I had a guideline to use that I could then base my writing on. I liked this writing process a lot more than the personal narrative too. It was easier to find a thesis throughout the stories and then use quotes throughout the two stories to back the thesis. My process for writing was a lot better this time too. I sat down and re-read both of the stories, taking notes of the characters and what they did that met with the themes I had chose. After I had a solid amount f notes for each of the stories I went on to develop a thesis combining both of the stories. After the thesis I went to work on writing my paper, which seemed to breeze by. After a couple hours of writing I had a nice draft for my paper. Once I had that draft I came to you to get your opinion of the paper. After you gave me some advice on how to make the thesis and quotes stronger I proceeded to finalize it. This process was much better than the writing process I had earlier with my personal narrative paper where I just wrote one draft and thought that it would be fine. I now know that writing is a process, nothing good will come from a paper that has not been edited or read by someone else before finalized. The thing that I found most challenging throughout the entire process was writing the thesis. It took me a while to understand what Boyle was trying to say through his writing but once I found out it made the writing process go a lot smoother. The themes that Boyle put through his writing are very relevant to the world right now and it was very interesting to read what his thoughts on the topics where. It seems to me that Boyle likes to write about extremes cases of the themes. This is what kept me interested in this paper.

Word count: 354

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