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Taylor Pease
Discussion 11/7
Fri Nov 7, 2014 3:38pm

For my paper, I am considering writing about one of two things. One topic that I am thinking about is that psychiatry is not effective. The counter argument for this is that psychiatrists use rigorous criteria to diagnose these patients and that certain disorders, such as schizophrenia, are very important to be treated using psychotropic drugs. I feel that this would have been a good topic because I have done a lot of research on it before and I have gone to psychiatrists to experience, in person, what it is like. I feel that, now, psychiatrists over diagnose some mental disorders. Some disorders that are commonly diagnosed are bipolar disorder anxiety, and depression. Many people have suffered from depression at one point in their lives and therefore, psychiatrists diagnose them as having depression. I feel that although there are some real cases of depression, many people are just simply going through a rough time in their life. Also, the same thing for anxiety and bipolar, they are just pieces of one’s life, they are not mentally ill. As well as being over diagnosed, many psychiatrists hand out medications too easily, but most times it does not work. The medications such as for depression, SSRI’s, are not exactly healthy for younger patients, and the anxiety and bipolar medications are harmful as well. Most people state that they do not feel better while taking the medications. Then, the other topic that I thought about, and am now going to write about, is that students should not be required to pass an exit exam in order to graduate high school. The counter argument is that these tests are a way of demonstrating basic English, math, and other skills needed after graduation. I feel very strongly about this topic because I have personal experience with it. During high school, I had over a perfect GPA, all honors class, and AP classes. When I took my SATs and received my score, I felt that it did not correspond to my intelligence. I feel that these standardized tests are just the government, colleges, and universities easiest way to determine how one will perform in college. I feel that this is unjust and should be stopped. My high school required us to take the HSPA, High School Proficiency Assessment, in order to graduate. Most of my classmates passed, but some did not. Out of the students who did not pass, they still are working at full time jobs and are getting paid just the same as any one of us who did pass. Therefore, I believe these two topics would be interesting to write about.
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