Ciera Slade
Discussion 5
Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:22pm

I've written a lot of papers, that were mostly just prompted. Just like this discussion! I had a very poor high school so I would say my education of writing isn't where it should be at the moment. It's kind of hard for me to write a essay just on one or two topics because it takes me a while to plot a scheme for my essay. But even when I'm writing like it's straight to the point and I hate dragging out several points just to make my paper long. I may have done a literary analysis in 12th grade on Othello, or Hamlett. I think it was Othello. Anyway we had to discuss how the story was very modern even though it was written in old times. So basically we had to compare and contrasts and tell how the time and experiences were alike and different. This was kind of easy to me cause whatever happened in the story was easy to interpret into todays times. Thatís the only analysis I remember writing and even though it wasnít that bad, I'm still not completely sure how to fully go about writing college level analysis. I need help at brainstorming a plot and sticking to it and then being able to get in as many pages required for the paper. Also how to tie in the two stories. For instance, we just got the prompt of writing about how these two stories compare and I just want to know how to choose the perfect stories that I can go one for four pages about. While writing in the past writing classes that I've been in we had to be super precise so that's how I'm used to writing. It would be very nice if I learned to be really write out the prompt. Like if I learn how to write and get to the point kind of and then not at the same time. Also about how many paragraphs should be one of two thoughts spread put to be. That's one of my main problems that I donít know how to make my paper as long as it needs to be without bullshitting in between. (366)

  • Janae Somerville section 026 - somervillej14, Fri Feb 20 1:16pm
    So, to be quite honest I really had to look up what you meant when you said ďterms of literatureĒ and honestly I donít know if I understand. You know Fridays always get the best of me. I have written ... more
    • Discussion 5 - Ciera Slade, Fri Feb 20 4:22pm
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