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Fri Mar 6, 2015 7:50pm

For the T.C. Boyle writing assignment I am not really sure what I am going to do yet. I find either option, whether it is writing about theme or the compare and contrast, personally feasible. But odds are I will end up choosing theme for this literary analysis. If I choose to do the theme option I will probably write about "On for the Long Haul" and "The Human Fly." I feel that these two stories would be the easiest to write about concerning their common themes. The themes that these two stories share are obsession and agent/greed. In both of these stories, T.C. Boyle makes the main characters seem very obsessed. Bayard, the main character in "On for the Long Haul," had an obsession driven by the safety of him and his family. He took this obsession so far that he spent a half million dollars just to move to a "safer" place. Zoltan is the name of the main character in " The Human Fly." Zoltan's obsession deals with him pursuing fame or die trying. The way Zoltan tries to become famous is by doing wild dangerous stunts and getting paid to do so. Although Bayard and Zoltan's obsessions are quite different, I think T.C. Boyle's message is that obsession is unhealthy no matter what it is. And T.C. Boyle gets this across to the audience well by building up the characters around their obsessions and by going to the extreme of having both characters die in direct result of their obsession. Another theme that these two stories share is agent/greed. In both stories there is a morally antagonistic character who is in some manner an agent to the main characters. These agents are very greedy and selfish. Zoltan's agent in "The Human Fly" is so insanely greedy that he pushes Zoltan to do more and more wild stunts, just so he can make a profit. Besides all of the above information, I think that the handouts you gave us about how to write and structure a literary analysis is going to help me a great deal. Hopefully I will utilize the information on those handouts the best I can, and have a soundly structured literary analysis about the T.C. Boyle stories.
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