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Taylor Pease
Discussion Board 3**
Fri Sep 19, 2014 9:58am

The event that i have decided to write about for my personal narrative was when my grandma was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and passed away. My grandma was my family's core, so everything we did, it revolved around her. When my grandma was diagnosed, my entire family helped her; including myself. Due to that, we each learned how to become care givers and how to become selfless. She changed my life in multiple ways; I was always the "strong" child, so naturally, people thought that I would not be hurt, but I am human. My grandma recognized this, and she taught me to become open and trusting. I learned more than I could ever imagine because of my grandma and I will forever appreciate all of these life lessons. I decided that my grandma's lessons were the most significant to me over other significant events. I made a chart of two events that I thought were special to me; music and my grandma. After completing this chart, I looked at everything I said about my grandma, and I knew I would be writing about her. Music has effected my life greatly because I listen to the words and I relate to most. I love sitting in my room and finding an inner peace in me due to music playing. Also, music is always there for me when people are not. I was diagnosed with depression in my junior year of high school, and it continued into my senior year. I remember sitting in my room all day long listening to music, crying, or just sitting there in silence, crying. I have never felt worse, but I was able to pick my head up by listening to music and get out of my room and socialize. Therefore, music had an important impact on my life. However, with all that said, I could not find one music event that I went to to have the same effect. I felt it, but I could not explain why. Understanding this made it so much easier to choose my grandma to be the icon of my paper.
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