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Brooke Robbins
Personal Narrative
Fri Sep 19, 2014 12:28pm

For my personal narrative I chose to write about moving to Rhode Island due to my dadís job and the short amount of time I lived there. I chose this event because it impacted my life the most and taught me valuable lessons. No other events in my life were as drastic as this particular one. In my paper I included many details that support my thesis that this event was life changing to me. I discussed the transformation I had to undergo as only a sophomore in high school. No high school student really wants to be told they are being ripped away from everything they have ever known and thrown into an unfamiliar environment 13 hours away. Also, I included the unfamiliarity I had while I was there that lead to many complications, like the accents and lingo they used. This caused me to become more open minded with cultures and new things. This drastic change, however, led me to depression and caused a lot of pain for my family and myself. I describe in paper how extremely angry I was at my parents for forcing me to move to such an awful place. I even went days without speaking to them. I made a point every morning to have a blood curdling screaming match with my mom to attempt to escape going to school. I explain how I become accustomed to this new environment and decided to be mature about the situation, instead of trying to make my family feel as miserable as I did. Though I am still slightly upset with my parents for ruining my sophomore year of high school and I am thankful for that experience. It made me realize the dedication my dad had for our family and how he would do anything to better us. Through the depression and loneliness, I became more appreciative of the people in my life and the importance of kindness. I describe in my paper how there are small things I took for granted, living in a richer state. I feel the emotional growth, maturity and gratitude I acquired through this experience will best support my thesis as to why this was a life-changing event.

Word Count: 369

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