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John Acree
Discussion #3
Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:25pm

For my personal narrative I have decided to write about when I just started to be a manager my 6th grade year. I was going to an entire new experience in my life. My dream is to be a coach and being around middle school ball for three years was the first step. Even though we were horrible my first year only winning 1 game I knew we could only go up from there. The next year I tried out for the team I probably should of made it because i was great shooter but the coaches didn't think I could play defense against bigger guys. Thats the one thing that squad was missing was a shooter, but anyway we went 8-6 that year so things were on the come up. Final year of middle school we struggled because our big man transferred so we went 6-8. Freshman year of high school was my most dominate team i was on in my basketball career so far. That team had it all from shooters to drivers and a great coach. This was when I started to believe in winning again. Final record 20-1. Now I knew what it took to win and that would help me be successful in my coaching career. Sophomore year we were an ok 15-6. Junior year was the year I'll never forget. It felt like we were destined to win it all. After a disappointing end to the season my head high school coach brought out some new alternate uniforms to bring our spirits up. This was the start of our new season. We won the conference championship pretty easily like we did the year before. Now time to get past the first round at home. Luckily we got past that game with a win over Leesville High School. Next round we face a pretty easy opponent then my life changed dramatically after this game.

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