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Taylor Pease
Discussion 9/26
Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:13pm

After completing my personal narrative, I am mostly proud of how I was able to convince someone while telling my story. Usually, when I write it is either just to persuade, or just to tell a story, but this paper combined the two. I felt that it would be hard, but I would be able to complete a well-written paper. I was happy that I chose my grandma as the center of my paper because she made it so easy to write. After weighing my options, I knew my grandma was the best person to write about because of all of the traumatic events that affected our entire family, as a whole and individually. I feel that my paper truly can relate to many people, therefore, I feel that the most apprehensive part about my paper is how relative it is to everyone today. Although, I would argue my situation to be very unique, I feel that others can have a similar situation and feel that they have matured and have learned from the event or the person as well. Unfortunately, disease and cancer is very common now, which is why I believe this to be a very sad and upsetting, but relatable topic. I had a mixture of writing strategies that I went through in my writing process. I first thought of events that affected me today. I thought about which two had the most influence, and I made a pro and con list for each of the events. After looking at the two lists, I saw the long list of events that came together throughout my grandma being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I decided that my grandma was the best to write about for my paper. After that, I realized that I had to do a similar paper in high school like this, so I read my old paper for a basis and for any events that I did not remember to list. I also asked family members for their favorite memories of her to help me brainstorm. Then, I began writing; once I began writing, it was difficult to stop. When I write papers, I usually have to write the entire paper; I usually cannot stop and pick up again a different day. The day I finished, I asked my twin to proof read my paper, and then I set up an appointment to speak to my professor for more feedback. I made the changes that he recommended and then I knew my paper was complete. This is the writing process of my paper.
Word Count: 427

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