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Rachel Yakey
Subjective in Data Collection
Wed Sep 3, 2014 07:39 (XFF:


You wrote that you wonder how teachers can be subjective in their data collection and I thought that as well when reading the chapter. I think that authors realized that was a struggle as well because it seemed that more than once they mentioned reporting your findings, whether positive or negative in order to accurately depict your findings. It must be a struggle for a lot of teachers because we see our students work so hard sometimes.

I also appreciated how it have teachers a voice in their field. I'm excited about where education is going with sights like Teacher pay teachers, etc. We might feel beat down a bit lately but I think it is wonder to find that a lot of good teachers are working hard to help education become better.

  • Purposeful Reflection - Ashley Pennell, Tue Sep 2 22:46
    Before the readings, I was previously familiar with the term “action research”, although my understandings were broad and general. I now have a more focused view of action research, specifically as... more
    • subjectivity - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 18:01
      You bring up an interesting point about subjectivity. I often go to my colleagues to gauge my perspectives because they are removed from the thought processes that I have been cycling through in a... more
    • Subjective in Data Collection - Rachel Yakey, Wed Sep 3 07:39
      • Subjective Data - Melissa Boyd, Wed Sep 3 21:05
        I think that sometimes teachers brand themselves as failures if something doesn't work well in the classroom. Action research can be that safety net that gives us the freedom to think outside of the... more
        • Subjective Data Reply - Rachel Yakey, Wed Sep 3 21:32
          Melissa, I like how you worded "finding out was doesn't work is just as important as finding out what does." We do often beat ourselves up when it is a good opportunity to learn from what we have... more
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