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Re: Cycles of Action Research
Wed Sep 3, 2014 21:32

I also liked how plain and simple those steps made it out to be. Honestly, we do this all the time. We observe what is going on in our classroom, interpret whether it's working or not, decide if we can move on with the next topic or need to spend more time wit it, and go with that action. I feel like this class will just require us to document more of that process in order to share with others.

Susan, I also think that eases some of the anxiety I was feeling about this research class as well!

  • Cycles of Action Research - Susan Gibson, Tue Sep 2 20:05
    The major points that stuck out at me were that we are to have a systematic, intentional inquiry. We pick an open-ended question that we are interested in learning more about and use the cycles of... more
    • Re: Cycles of Action Research - noltja, Fri Sep 5 21:06
      Susan, Observing, interpreting, planning change and acting on it are things that we as teachers do everyday! I agree that it sounds a lot less formal than I originally thought and I don't doubt that... more
    • Re: Cycles of Action Research - foxemilyk, Wed Sep 3 21:32
    • putting it plainly - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 18:14
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts because you summarized what we read well. The way you put it seems to be like a stepped process that many people would understand. I also like the tailored aspect... more
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