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Laura Hansen
open ended
Thu Sep 4, 2014 21:49

I agree that the open ended component of this kind of inquiry is a little unsettling. I'm somewhat confused with this regarding teacher research. How can a research question evolve and change, when it also serves as a guiding force for the research? Does the research question evolve or is it merely the practices and data collection that change. How does that work in terms of maintaining a focus and coming to some sort of conclusion? I absolutely agree that everything we do as teachers is fluid and constantly changing as we seek to determine what works and doesn't work and make changes accordingly. I'm just a little unsure as to how this would translate in to being able to come up with a conclusion. Perhaps this confusion also stems from a lack of clarity as to what such research questions might look like.

  • "Inquiry as Stance" - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 17:54
    What resonated with me was the teacher's mental approach. Part of the reading goes into the intrinsic nature of a researcher. They use terms such as "mindfulness" and "inquiry as stance" to... more
    • stacy - hodgete, Sat Sep 6 09:44
      I too viewed research as something that you do on purpose... I never thought about how my every day reflections on why this student isn't able to do this or why the class as a whole has trouble... more
    • Re: "Inquiry as Stance" - Anonymous, Fri Sep 5 19:37
      What you wrote really meshed with what I was thinking as I read this article. It is really hard to teach someone to be mindful. Can that even be learned? I feel like it is something that some people... more
    • open ended - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 21:49
      • Reply Open ended questioning - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 06:29
        Laura when you wrote, "I absolutely agree that everything we do as teachers is fluid and constantly changing as we seek to determine what works and doesn't work and make changes accordingly." I... more
        • open ended question - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 20:24
          Rachel, I like your open ended question, "How can best use my reading time with my students?" It is certainly an open ended question that leaves room for reflection and change while still have some... more
          • Open ended reply - Rachel Yakey , Sat Sep 6 20:38
            Laura, I am still really curious as well how this will all come together.
      • RE: open ended - Ashley Carter, Fri Sep 5 21:19
        I am also a little unsure about what it means for a research question to evolve and change. I do know from past research courses that sometimes, researchers find out that their initial question is... more
      • Re: open ended - Anonymous, Fri Sep 5 19:53
        I appreciate your comment and have similar concerns. We are all natural researchers in our classrooms as we find what works and what does not work but that feels different than this type of research. ... more
        • previous comment - noltja, Fri Sep 5 20:23
          This comment was from me, didn't realize that my computer had signed me out!
      • Re: open ended - kimeljk, Fri Sep 5 11:34
        Laura, I agree with your statement, and I had the same types of questions while I was reading. I understand that as teachers we must have voice and use qualitative type research so that we can evolve ... more
    • Mindfulness - Melissa Boyd, Wed Sep 3 21:46
      I think that we (teachers) instinctually question what happens in our classrooms. We are constantly growing and changing in order to best meet the needs of our students. In what I have learned so... more
      • Growing - Susan Gibson, Sat Sep 6 14:35
        I totally agree with you Melissa. I am constantly asking myself if what I did could be done better and if my instruction is effective. Some teachers are complacent in their teaching and simply come... more
      • growth - hodgete, Sat Sep 6 09:51
        This is my third year teaching and it seems that every year gets better because I see why everything I tried to do my first year didn't work. I don't see how a teacher could never change things they... more
        • Changes - Melissa Boyd, Sat Sep 6 12:46
          This is my 27 year of teaching and I don't think I have ever done it the same way twice! With a new and unique group of students coming in every year, it is impossible for me to do things the same... more
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