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Laura Hansen
Thu Sep 4, 2014 22:06

Susan, you make an excellent point. Often times, we as teachers, (especially graduate students) get so excited about things we are learning and we are eager to share these ideas with others. It is easy for teachers to be skeptical and uncertain about new ideas for practice and I'm not so sure that that is always a bad thing. A little skepticism with sound reasoning can be a good thing. That being said, teacher research has the ability to empower teachers with more than just anecdotal notes and can help inform others and encourage positive change. I am excited to learn about methods of collecting various qualitative data myself and hope that this can help me as I attempt to try to implement some new things especially since it breaks some status quo practices within my department.

  • Voice - Susan Gibson , Wed Sep 3 21:20
    I agree with you 100 percent about this type of teacher research giving us a voice. I think that other teachers want to see proof whether something is working in classrooms before they try something... more
    • empowerment - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 22:06
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