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Laura Hansen
Reflection in action and validity
Thu Sep 4, 2014 22:24

Rachel, i love how you have summarized teacher action research as reflection in action. That is a very clear and succinct way to think about it. It was interesting to read about the validity of teacher research. It is very helpful to understand that the goal is not that the research be replicable. Catalytic validity was also an interesting concept to me. The idea that the validity of the research lies in its ability to invoke or cause change in the inquirer's practice is very interesting. I was not familiar with all the different facets of validity and it was very interesting how each construct of validity helped reveal another piece of teacher research.

  • Validity in Research - Rachel Yakey, Tue Sep 2 22:04
    After reading Chapter One, I would define teacher research or teacher action research as reflection in action. A good teacher reflects on what they see and observe in the classroom. It all begins... more
    • Re: Validity in Research - Anonymous, Fri Sep 5 19:48
      I enjoyed your post. I do think that validity is an interesting point. I have witnessed several teachers giving the same assessment and coming up with really surprising and varying results. The... more
      • previous comment - noltja, Fri Sep 5 20:26
        Whoops! I didn't realize I wasn't logged in. That last comment was from me. Jessica
    • Reflection in action and validity - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 22:24
    • benefits - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 18:07
      I appreciate that you keep coming back to the fact that whatever we focus on with our students, that it will benefit them. Really, how could it not? This gives me a great idea to be positive in my... more
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