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Re: Teacher Inquiry
Fri Sep 5, 2014 12:41

I was also relieved to hear that qualitative research would be the type of research we would be conducting. It seems more realistic to me especially in the classroom, since situations and styles of learning constantly change, it's nice to know our research can follow the lead of our students and change with them.

  • Teacher Inquiry - foxemilyk, Mon Sep 1 22:14
    I appreciated that the authors of the text provide several different terms that can be interchanged when speaking of teacher research. My favorite was "inquiry" because, to me, this gives a very... more
    • Re: Teacher Inquiry - kimeljk, Fri Sep 5 12:41
    • quantitative analysis - Susan Gibson, Tue Sep 2 19:56
      When I first started to think about what teacher research was, I was on the same page as you Emily. I was thinking that we would have a question and need to collect quantitative data. I feel like... more
      • Quantitative analysis Response - Rachel Yakey, Tue Sep 2 22:09
        I got that same feeling that you did Susan. I even posted on this topic. I think it is looking at our classroom and students as individuals and not as the dependent and independent variables typical... more
      • Data Collection - Ashley Pennell, Tue Sep 2 21:59
        I do not think we are going to be required to collect quantitative data for teacher action research. I believe our focus will be gathering rich, deep data that details the events in our classroom and ... more
        • Question Types - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 18:23
          As I read Emily, Susan, Rachel, and Ashley, I now have a new question. If there won't be quantitative data, what kinds of questions are conducive to this study. I know that the book says open-ended,... more
          • Questions - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 22:36
            Stacy, you were able to put into words so well my own struggles in getting a full picture of teacher research. I felt like I was missing something but couldn't quite figure it out. I also am having... more
          • Re: Question Types - foxemilyk, Wed Sep 3 21:28
            I'm with you, Stacy. The actual questions to ask are something I'm sort of stuck on. Even on making my list of "things I might want to research", I'm having a hard time decided what would work. Maybe ... more
            • In the same boat - Melissa Boyd, Wed Sep 3 22:02
              I am struggling with questions/topics too. I am not sure if my possible topics/questions are more about teaching practices instead of being student focused. I know that these two things are closely... more
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