Re: Tiphani- Letterland &Guided Reading and Writing Instruction
Fri Sep 5, 2014 15:59

I had a similar thought about how to address the struggling readers in my classroom, without holding anyone back or making the above grade level students "bored." How do you address all the students and meet each student where they are academically whether it be reading or writing?
Another one of my research topics was how to best teach an ELL student or a student who is on the spectrum. How do you meet the needs of these students without changing the expectations of the rest of the students in your class?

  • List of topics: 1. Effective guided reading group instruction 2. Writing skills 3. Teaching the English language to ESL or ELL students 4. Effectively teaching sight words 5. How to best teach a... more
    • Reading & Writing - Candie, Sun Sep 7 21:22
      I teach Letterland for phonics too and my students love it. Daily 5 is starting at my school and we are learning how to use it with our students. I hope it does help my students. I don't want to... more
    • Daily 5 - catheyt, Sun Sep 7 10:49
      I am interested in the Daily 5 also. I struggle with wanting to provide enough structure in my workshop time, but I also want my students to learn to manage their time independently. I'm interested... more
    • Writing - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Sat Sep 6 12:33
      I also teach kindergarten and find it very difficult to get them where they need to be at the end of the year with thier wriritng. Just like you said these students come to you with little to no... more
      • Writing throughout the grade levels - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 21:29
        I think writing is a thought about question throughout the grade levels. Even at the middle school level it is a struggle to balance writing expectations with reading (especially when only reading is ... more
    • hodgete and noltja kindergarten reading - noltja, Sat Sep 6 09:15
      It looks as though our concerns about kindergarten readiness and learning are similar. I've also worked in schools where Letterland and Daily 5 are used in conjunction. I've had the same concerns... more
      • Read to self - Candie, Sun Sep 7 21:36
        We, as a grade level, have been talking about read to self in Daily 5. We said they can't read and will probably roll all over the floor. So, now I know unless I can figure out a better way to use... more
      • Read to Self - Melissa Boyd, Sat Sep 6 13:54
        I have experienced the exact things about read to self that you have discussed, in my first grade class. I have added things like read the pictures, retell the story, and listen to reading to this... more
      • read to self - hodgete, Sat Sep 6 09:49
        Exactly! How is a student who can't read supposed to 'read to self' for 20 minutes? Each student has a book box that they can choose to read from that has little paper books that have nothing but... more
    • Re: Tiphani- Letterland &Guided Reading and Writing Instruction - kimeljk, Fri Sep 5 15:59
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