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Ashley Carter
RE: Teacher Action Research
Fri Sep 5, 2014 21:14

I also thought that action research referred to the "research" that teachers are doing, what seems like, every day in their classrooms as they teach. It seems to be a little more in depth than that, and I, like you, am looking forward to seeing some examples. I also really like that it is designed for unique situations. As a special education teacher, I am all for understanding each situation with a deep knowledge and making changes based on that knowledge. Action research in the classroom allows us to do just that! I am excited to have a more systematic way to understand my classroom and students as they evolve.

  • Teacher Action Research - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 21:32
    I read this chapter a few times as I tried to develop an understanding of teacher research. I originally thought much like Melissa that teachers do "research" regularly, finding new ideas and trying... more
    • Re: Teacher Action Research - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Sat Sep 6 12:56
      I also had the same initial though about what a teacher reseacher was. After reading this chapter I learned their is an intentional and systmatic way to being a teacher researcher.
    • Example - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 06:18
      Laura, I am new to this teacher research idea like everyone one else and I am wishing for a more concrete example. However, I feel like I have perhaps done some teacher research albeit accidentally.... more
      • Example reply - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 20:31
        Rachel, That is really great that you were able to look at your students' data reflectively and were able to determine it effectiveness with groups of students. I could understand that as an example... more
    • RE: Teacher Action Research - Ashley Carter, Fri Sep 5 21:14
      • Special Education - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 20:37
        I agree with you about the benefit of looking at individual situations deeply. I also am a special education teacher and see great value in reflecting on what works and doesn't especially for... more
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