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Rachel Yakey
Reply Open ended questioning
Sat Sep 6, 2014 06:29

Laura when you wrote, "I absolutely agree that everything we do as teachers is fluid and constantly changing as we seek to determine what works and doesn't work and make changes accordingly." I wondered if you had just answered you question about open ended research questions. Why I say that is I'm thinking, if we as teachers reflected on say a reading workshop model that we had put together and only half our kids were seeing growth. We would then reflect and wonder why. Perhaps the question would be, "Why is the program not working for everyone? or Why not for these student in particular? We would reflect and hopefully find an answer to those questions and I feel those questions wouldn't be open ended, at least not for every student. Perhaps one student simply isn't trying and by focusing on that student the become successful. But I know that we would spend the summer researching new reading workshop models. And I feel that would be the open ended question. For example, "How can best use my reading time with my students?" I think the reflecting and researching we do every summer is revolved around the same open ended questions. I think some might end as we find something that seems to work every year. But I feel like my open ended questions will be with even past retirement!

  • open ended - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 21:49
    I agree that the open ended component of this kind of inquiry is a little unsettling. I'm somewhat confused with this regarding teacher research. How can a research question evolve and change, when... more
    • Reply Open ended questioning - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 06:29
      • open ended question - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 20:24
        Rachel, I like your open ended question, "How can best use my reading time with my students?" It is certainly an open ended question that leaves room for reflection and change while still have some... more
        • Open ended reply - Rachel Yakey , Sat Sep 6 20:38
          Laura, I am still really curious as well how this will all come together.
    • RE: open ended - Ashley Carter, Fri Sep 5 21:19
      I am also a little unsure about what it means for a research question to evolve and change. I do know from past research courses that sometimes, researchers find out that their initial question is... more
    • Re: open ended - Anonymous, Fri Sep 5 19:53
      I appreciate your comment and have similar concerns. We are all natural researchers in our classrooms as we find what works and what does not work but that feels different than this type of research. ... more
      • previous comment - noltja, Fri Sep 5 20:23
        This comment was from me, didn't realize that my computer had signed me out!
    • Re: open ended - kimeljk, Fri Sep 5 11:34
      Laura, I agree with your statement, and I had the same types of questions while I was reading. I understand that as teachers we must have voice and use qualitative type research so that we can evolve ... more
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