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ask a teacher
Sat Sep 6, 2014 09:41

I agree with you. Teachers are the ones who see how the programs and curriculums effect the students first hand. I know the third grade teachers at my school felt pretty beat down this past year with the new RTA program. In my post I also shared an experience where when I was in my first year teaching I was chosen for a focus group for the school system I worked in to give my point of view on a reading program they had. I was chosen because I was a new teacher, and then they had veteran teachers. We gave our reasons why the program was not beneficial to all students (only average and above average students) and they did away with it. I don't know what they are doing now though because I changed school systems the next year and haven't really spoken with any of the other teachers about what they use now instead. But I'm sure they are relieved the program is gone... every month they would fly specialists out from Florida and they would go to each school and observe every teacher to make sure they were teaching the program correctly. It was very intimidating because at one time you would have the specialists, your principal, your reading specialist, those over the curriculum, and sometimes the superintendent all in your room at a time.

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    As I read through this first chapter, I felt empowered that teachers do have the ability to make the change that is needed in education. So often, teachers are told to adhere to, deal with, teach and ... more
    • Teachers - Candie, Mon Sep 8 01:38
      As teachers we are the ones that know more about what the students need. We should be heard, but like you said, we are the ones that are told to teach this or to teach that to our students.
    • yes! - catheyt, Sat Sep 6 13:35
      I agree with you. Teachers are the ones who should be asked about not only the effectiveness of all this new reform, but also about how we think and feel about new implementations. It seems that so... more
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    • Re: No one asked a teacher... - kimeljk, Fri Sep 5 12:34
      I agree with your statement about "no one asked a teacher." Teachers are constantly told how to teach and how to assess their students by professionals who have never spent time in the classroom.... more
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        There are so many posts on teacher voice in this thread and I love that! I love it because it shows that we are part of a community that does reflect and strive to make our profession better and our... more
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