Right with you Susan!
Sat Sep 6, 2014 11:20

I am right there with you Susan. I know exactly the stresses you are feeling about teaching 3rd grade. With last year being the first year of Read to Achieve, we were all a little clueless about what students needed. As we read the passages and saw our students struggle, vocabulary was definitely an area of need! Our school is also Title 1 and we have the same issue of students simply not having as much exposure to a variety of experiences. Those Read to Achieve passages were also many times taken from classic literature that included words like "lad" and "britches" and things like that that our kids didn't know! It was difficult to really prepare them for that.

Now, being a 2nd grade teacher, I am making it my personal goal to try to expose my students to as many "worldly" things as possible. Our grade has actually scheduled the first field trip of the year, in order to expose students. I am also looking for new and exciting books to read with them for this purpose. I am also holding my 2nd graders to a higher expectation with using their academic vocabulary (which I call "college talk") and their "spicy words" in their speaking and eventually in their writing.

Maybe you and I can work together to reach our 2nd and 3rd graders through this research plan this semester...? ;)

  • 1) One area that has always being concerning to me is vocabulary. We can teach students to decode and use comprehension strategies as they read, but if they donít know what words mean they are going... more
    • Vocabulary - Kasey Gaines, Sun Sep 7 21:18
      I have not started teaching yet, but building my students vocabulary is a major concern for me as well. I have been exposed to great ways of teaching new words, but am still wanting to find better... more
    • Word Nerds - Melissa Boyd, Sat Sep 6 14:03
      One of the best resources I have read and used for teaching vocabulary instruction is Word Nerds. Thanks Susan for sharing this book. I would be interested to know if this is something you continue... more
      • Response to Melissa- Word Nerds - Susan Gibson, Sat Sep 6 14:29
        Melissa, I really did love certain aspects of using the Word Nerds layout but it took a lot class time to introduce the words. So I believe I will cut that out. Since I have moved to 3rd grade, I... more
        • Text Talks - Ashley Pennell, Sun Sep 7 11:59
          Melissa and Susan, I have used text talks every year and plan to continue using them with my first graders. I have found that introducing vocabulary as it appears in context is effective and gives my ... more
          • Text Talks - Susan Gibson, Sun Sep 7 20:57
            I am excited that I will be able to use them in third grade this year. I think I read somewhere that they are more a K-3 strategy so I never used them with my 4th graders. I plan on using them as a... more
          • Text talk - Melissa Boyd, Sun Sep 7 14:22
            Thanks Susan and Ashley! I do have the book, but have not read it yet. I will move it to the top of my stack!
    • Right with you Susan! - foxemilyk, Sat Sep 6 11:20
      • Researching together - sg70349, Mon Sep 8 19:02
        That sounds like a great idea to me. It will be nice to see things from both perspectives. As I said in another post, I love the "college talk". So far I've just been getting students interesting in... more
    • Leveled texts, Grade level, and vocab - Stacy, Sat Sep 6 09:09
      I am right with you. I believe that your 2 ideas are directly tied together. I don't think we can affect one part without the other. The vocab goes with the reading level issue. Good thoughts.
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