Vocabulary Excitement
Sat Sep 6, 2014 11:27

Ideas are running through my brain as I think about middle schoolers and vocabulary. I think just the term "vocabulary" made me want to vomit when I was in 7th grade (and I was a good student who loved school!) "Vocabulary" meant we had to take out a huge dictionary and copy down tons of definitions that didn't make sense to us. Then we had to make flash cards and practice the terms because they would be on our test at the end of the unit-- either asking us to match the word with the definition or to fill in the blank with the correct term. Quite frankly-- IT WAS BORING! There was no practical application whatsoever!

So what I feel is lacking, not only at middle school, but all across the grade levels, is an EXCITEMENT about words! I know it's a little nerdy, but simply learning new words that we never knew existed, should be exciting! Words have a history and can give people POWER. What if we creating competitions, like a spelling bee type thing...but more exciting...that required students to know the MEANING of the word. Middle schoolers love competition. You could create some type of monthly vocabulary relay race or ropes course or something of it. Create a school club or team that practices, kind of like a quiz bowl team would. Ideas are exhaustive...I think we as teachers just need to find a new way of doing things. Which, because I've had the pleasure of getting to know you Rachel, think is right up your alley! :)

  • Rachel - Diagnostic and Vocabulary - Rachel Yakey, Thu Sep 4 10:41
    Diagnosing reading struggles has been a constant problem in my 7th grade ELA (4 sections/1 Inclusion) classroom over the past few years. As students enter my room many are 3-5 years below grade level ... more
    • Vocabulary Excitement - foxemilyk, Sat Sep 6 11:27
      • Words/Vocab Excitement - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 21:24
        Yes Emily I totally agree! And I loved your comment to Susan as well. It would be really neat to get the kids into a game like those you mentioned. It would take some thought because the group I have ... more
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