Melissa Boyd
Read to Self
Sat Sep 6, 2014 13:54

I have experienced the exact things about read to self that you have discussed, in my first grade class. I have added things like read the pictures, retell the story, and listen to reading to this activity. I also limit their time to about 8 minutes at the beginning of the year and increase it as their reading improves. It is difficult in first grade so I can't begin to imagine how difficult it is with kinders.

  • hodgete and noltja kindergarten reading - noltja, Sat Sep 6 09:15
    It looks as though our concerns about kindergarten readiness and learning are similar. I've also worked in schools where Letterland and Daily 5 are used in conjunction. I've had the same concerns... more
    • Read to self - Candie, Sun Sep 7 21:36
      We, as a grade level, have been talking about read to self in Daily 5. We said they can't read and will probably roll all over the floor. So, now I know unless I can figure out a better way to use... more
    • Read to Self - Melissa Boyd, Sat Sep 6 13:54
    • read to self - hodgete, Sat Sep 6 09:49
      Exactly! How is a student who can't read supposed to 'read to self' for 20 minutes? Each student has a book box that they can choose to read from that has little paper books that have nothing but... more
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