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My view of Action Research
Sat Sep 6, 2014 16:59

What is Action Research?

In my mind, and as a music teacher, action research is a form of formative assessment for the profession. Rather than assessing the student, the intent of the research would be to discover certain aspects of pedagogy, or to address shortcomings of students and frame a sort of ‘experiment’ to help facilitate student growth. One might frame an experiment, similar to the scientific method, and use student growth data to form and test hypotheses for learning and then utilize the findings to help with a certain aspect of a child’s education. Similar to the nature of our busy lives as teachers, the ‘action’ component of research done by teachers should be something that is relatively easy to incorporate into classroom norms, and should be easy to facilitate amongst the other duties of the teacher. For example, I am collecting ‘artifacts’ of evidence that prove student learning to meet my NC EVAAS standard 6. I am recording student playing, and establishing a baseline of performance, so that then later in the year progress can be measured specifically by comparing specific elements of student work and playing. This is similar to the literacy procedure of “Benchmarking.” I am fascinated by this formative assessment and am interested in setting up a similar procedure to track and numerate student progress in Music Literacy. If anyone is a ‘benchmarking’ expert, I’d love to work with you this semester!

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