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Laura Hansen
open ended question
Sat Sep 6, 2014 20:24

Rachel, I like your open ended question, "How can best use my reading time with my students?" It is certainly an open ended question that leaves room for reflection and change while still have some driving force behind it. I wonder if this is the kind of research question we are supposed to develop. I am still uncertain as it seems like is very very broad question for a research question. It seems a little too open ended for comfort but that may be the kind of research we are approaching in this course. I'm interested to find out more.

  • Reply Open ended questioning - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 06:29
    Laura when you wrote, "I absolutely agree that everything we do as teachers is fluid and constantly changing as we seek to determine what works and doesn't work and make changes accordingly." I... more
    • open ended question - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 20:24
      • Open ended reply - Rachel Yakey , Sat Sep 6 20:38
        Laura, I am still really curious as well how this will all come together.
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