Rachel Yakey
Words/Vocab Excitement
Sat Sep 6, 2014 21:24

Yes Emily I totally agree! And I loved your comment to Susan as well. It would be really neat to get the kids into a game like those you mentioned. It would take some thought because the group I have this year tends to be "too cool" but I would be excited to see what you and Susan come up with you work together. A lot of my low students would be around the 3-4th grade level and they might enjoy what you guys come up with. "Spicy words!"

  • Vocabulary Excitement - foxemilyk, Sat Sep 6 11:27
    Ideas are running through my brain as I think about middle schoolers and vocabulary. I think just the term "vocabulary" made me want to vomit when I was in 7th grade (and I was a good student who... more
    • Words/Vocab Excitement - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 21:24
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