Rachel Yakey
Sat Sep 6, 2014 21:27

Stacy, I like your topic of reading workshops as well as the vocab. I think the ultimate goal I was thinking when talking about the diagnostic were similar topics we talked about during our clinical this summer. i think the ideas of the diagnosing our students with a modified IRI (again like we talked about this summer) is tied directly to using those results to create effective reading workshops at the middle school level. This could be an interesting topic to explore.

  • Workshop and Vocabulary - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 19:10
    Reading Workshop: focused on a framework for students to have more hands-on literacy practice. This year, my classes are trying a workshop approach to reading practice. I learned about this approach... more
    • Reading Workshop - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 22:15
      Stacy, I am so excited for your reading workshop endeavors! How exciting! I also think it is wonderful that you were able to get team members on board with you! I am looking at trying to do something ... more
    • Workshop - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 21:27
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