Laura Hansen
Falling through the cracks reply
Sat Sep 6, 2014 21:58

Melissa I understand your struggle with students who fall through the cracks. It can be very frustrating. However, keep your ears open. The last I heard, the discrepancy model for learning disabilities is no longer the way to qualify students. Instead students can qualify based on their lack of response to interventions. Hopefully this will help catch more of these children who typically fall through the cracks. I am very interested to learn more about this recent legislative change and see how it is handled throughout various LEAs across the state.

  • Falling through the cracks - Melissa Boyd, Sat Sep 6 13:59
    I share your concerns about the EC classroom and extend those same concerns to my non-EC classroom. I have several students who do not qualify for EC services as first graders but will probably... more
    • Falling through the cracks reply - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 21:58
      • Falling - Melissa Boyd, Sun Sep 7 14:20
        Thanks for the information, Laura. That sounds promising! I will keep my ears open. Please keep me posted on any news you might receive.
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