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Sun Sep 7, 2014 10:46

Jessice- that prior experience before school is so important! Its not even preschool that is needed (though these students are usually better prepared) but it's also that literacy experience at home. I find that my lowest K students have been the ones that are not rad to or even talked to regularly. They haven't developed those early print concepts and aren't exposed to the variety of language the books have to offer. It's so difficult to catch them up when their higher achieving peers have 5 years of this literate experience!

  • Jessica - Kindergarten Readiness & ELL - noltja, Thu Sep 4 03:18
    I am not currently teaching in a classroom because I am a full time grad student. I will use last years teaching experience as a reading specialist working with k-5th grade students for my research.... more
    • already behind - catheyt, Sun Sep 7 10:46
      • Re: already behind - noltja 65, Sun Sep 7 15:13
        Yes, I agree the language/literacy experience that they get at home is so very important! We need to educate parents on the importance of literacy from birth!
    • I am also interested in ELL students and how to best serve them. The ELL students I have worked with all work very hard and participate and do their homework, but they are still unable to keep up... more
      • re:ELL - Anonymous, Fri Sep 5 19:33
        I totally agree. It is heartbreaking to watch these sweet kids slipping through the cracks. I had a year of hopeful moments...pairing a new ELL kinder boy with a fifth grade girl ELL for mentoring... more
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          I was signed out, but that last comment was from me:) Jessica
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