Ashley Pennell
Re: Differentiation
Sun Sep 7, 2014 11:53

Today there is no choice but to differentiate instruction if your intention is to reach all of your students. We always hear that we should do the best we can with our limited resources, but sometimes our best intentions are not going to bear the fruits we hope for. The idea of best practice has become so skewed in education. While the intentions are good, differentiating as it exists in our school today has become so complex, that I believe it has lost effectiveness. Students are placed on "research-based" computer programs, tested to death, labeled, and pulled out of the classroom so frequently for interventions that they miss the opportunity for high-quality instruction. Schools are thrown so many programs, trainings, ideas, practices, and kits, that the practicality and effectiveness is lost and we are left with a list of interventions we are doing, but little results in terms of student growth.

  • Differentiation - catheyt, Sun Sep 7 10:52
    It sounds like many of us are concerned with how to best differentiate our instruction. Each of our classrooms come with such a wide variety of learners, whether we are in K or 7th grade. Its a... more
    • Differentiation - Candie, Sun Sep 7 20:39
      Differentiation is an issue in kindergarten. We have some children that come in knowing all their letters while other children come in and don't know the difference between letters and numbers and... more
    • Re: Differentiation - Ashley Pennell, Sun Sep 7 11:53
      • RE: Differentiation Ashley P - Ashley Carter, Sun Sep 7 19:41
        I could not have said it better myself! Sometimes I think we are doing too much to differentiate instruction. Students are experiencing all sorts of interventions with 10% effort, rather than say 2... more
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